Giveaway: Baxter’s Wet Shave Starter Kit

giveaway baxters wet shave starter kit
Who uses an electric shaver anymore? Growing up, electric was all the rage, but now, classic is back. Baxter of California has come out with a Wet Shave Starter Kit that we love.

If you are new to wet shaving, this kit is most definitely for you. If you are an old pro, you will relish in the grooming goodness found within.

Baxter’s kit includes:

  • Safety Razor-Launched in the late 18th century to avoid less throat slashing (we assume?), this traditional razor has become hugely popular again. Baxter’s custom chrome plated Double-Edge helps reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn and will last for years.
  • Best Badger Shave Brush– Their badger shave brush is made of well, 100% badger hair (which is superb at holding water) and helps lift facial hair and create a rich lather.
  • Super Close Shave Formula– This award winning shave cream glides on easily, is hydrating and soothing. The antiseptic and botanical extracts such as menthol and tea tree oil refresh and soothe your mug.
  • After Shave Balm– Aloe and tea tree oil provide nourishing moisturizer after your shave. This balm protects skin from shaving irritation, dryness and razor burn. Plus it cools, calms and conditions the skin as it relieves sensitivity after shaving.

This awesome kit has a $156 value and we are giving away 30 to our lucky readers.

Simply enter below and pray to the hirsute Gods. The contest ends July 7th.


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