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The Foreo Issa Toothbrush: A New Way to Fight Cavities

Foreo Issa Toothbrush
There’s no doubt that the Swedes are apt at design. After all, they did bring us Ikea, Urbanears, and Acne Studios. Now there’s another thing that’s designed in Sweden and carries all the marks of Swedish design: The Foreo Issa toothbrush. It’s sleek, minimal, ergonomic and nothing like you’d imagine a toothbrush should be. It’s also electric and made of silicone. The Issa claims to whiten and brighten your teeth while gently massaging your gums. Do you have sensitive teeth? That’s not a problem either.

foreo issa toothbrush

You’re probably wondering how the Foreo Issa toothbrush works. It directs Sonic Pulse Technology — 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute, to create micro sweeps — to break up and remove plaque, which as you well know, prevents pesky cavities and those awful dentist visits where they drill, prod, and poke at your mouth. It also works to get rid of unsightly stains. Silicone bristles, while strange feeling at first, help to gently massage the gums and counter gum recession and tooth enamel damage. They also are more hygienic than conventional toothbrushes because the quick-drying, non-porous silicone resists bacteria buildup. That means 10,000 times less bacteria buildup. There’s also a built-in timer so you that you know you’re brushing your teeth just the right amount of time.

If you feel uncomfortable about using a toothbrush made of silicone, there’s also the Foreo Issa Hybrid. Along with silicone bristles, it also has bristles made of PBT Polymer for a more vigorous-feeling clean.

One full charge lasts up to 365 uses. It’s also compact enough that you can pop it in your suitcase or carryon and bring it with you wherever you go. Wondering how this toothbrush works? It’s just like a normal toothbrush. Simply put on toothpaste, turn it on, brush all over your teeth and gums for two minutes, and you’re ready for the world!

The Foreo Issa Toothbrush, $199 at

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