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The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

The time has come for a haircut once again, and you’re unsure of what to ask for at the barber. Maybe in the 4-6 weeks it’s been since your last trim, you spotted a celebrity or friend with the style you want. But before taking that photo to your stylist, it’s best to find out if you’ll look good rocking it. One way to do so is understand which haircuts work best with your face shape. To guide you, we enlisted the help of Kevin Baker from Fellow Barber in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to to tell us which styles will look best with your face shape. Check out his advice below and be prepared for your next ear lowering.

First off, always consult with your barber about face shape, hair type and the desired style you want. Don’t be afraid to tell your barber how you want to look to start off the conversation. Feel free to bring in a picture and the barber will let you know his recommendation and what the possibilities are in terms of what you’re working with. Not every guy can achieve every look!


•  The oval shape is very versatile. Any length or shape cut looks great, assuming you have the correct hair type for the style.

•  Avoid the Beatles Cut. Bangs or fringe styles do not work because they make the face look rounder.

•  Cuts/Styles that work: Pompadours, high & tight and fades or a finger-length crop top


•  For oblong shapes, avoid too short of a cut on the sides. Short sides will make the face seem even longer. If the guy wants a very short cut, the top needs to be tight, close to a buzz.

•  Mid-length cuts with longer bangs can take the emphasis off a long face.

•  Cuts/Styles that work: Crop top and old school pompadour with scissors. No tapers: finger length at least


•  Longer hairstyles are often better for this face shape because they soften the silhouette of the face.

•  Go for layers and texture up top to create movement and volume.

•  Stay away from sharp edges or transitions.

•  Cuts/Styles that work: Old school pompadours, 50s/60s business cuts and most styling done with shears


•  Longer on the sides and longer generally. Facial hair can create balance between bottom and top and add fullness to the face.

•  Cuts/Styles that work: Scissors only, removing volume to bring in width from the temples up


•  Most hairstyles look great with this shape.

•  Go with what you have! Shorter & tighter cuts will help define and enhance features for a strong effect.

•  Avoid center parts and stay away from longer lengths on the sides and temples.

•  Cuts/Styles that work: Disconnected styles (like the 30s Aviator / Boardwalk look we’ve seen so much of in the past couple years). Also, Don Draper cuts work well for the older or less trendy dude, which can be worn as slick as Don’s or looser. Texture can be added into the top to create a less retro effect.


•  Opt for a softer overall look. More refined, classic, manly cuts are best. Avoid clippers and harsh lines.

•  Adding height into the cut will create an illusion of length.

•  If opting for facial hair can help this shape, make sure you get the length right. Too high and it looks like you’re hiding something. Beard length should be down to the adam’s apple and lines should be faded to create a natural effect.

Looking to get the perfect haircut? Visit one of the experts at Fellow Barber to get handsome.

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