5 Awesome Exfoliating Scrubs to Help Smooth Things Out

exfoliating scrubs

New year, new you, right?

Start with shedding some old skin. It sounds gnarly but sloughing off the dull, dead stuff will instantly make you feel and look a hell of a lot better. (And it’s easier than eating healthier or giving up booze, so consider it an easy to stick with resolution.) To get you on the path to smoother skin, less calloused hands and better hair, we present you with head-to-toe options for the best exfoliating scrubs.

CRUX Supply Co. Charcoal Grit Bar

best exfoliating scrubs men crux 

Cold dry conditions can leave you looking a bit rough around the edges, namely your elbows, knees and ankles. This pumice and walnut shell studded bar will soften that right up while doing a thorough detox via charcoal. $16, cruxsupplyco.com

Kiehl’s Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

 best exfoliating scrubs men kiehls scalp

If your hair isn’t looking so hot, try getting to the literal root of the problem. An unhealthy scalp can lead to flakes and hair fallout so get it right with this exfoliating treatment that washes build-up down the drain and boosts microcirculation. $20, kiehls.com

Port Products Skin Renewing Face Scrub

best exfoliating scrubs men port 1

No matter what your current skin situation (oily, irritated, red), this gentle scrub, which eliminates dead skin with a combination of crushed walnut shells and glycolic acid, will handle it. $28, portproducts.com

Kani Botanicals Pumice Foot Polish

best exfoliating scrubs men kani

Having your feet stuffed into woolen socks and insulated boots for months on end is bound to make your feet look (and smell) pretty unpleasant. Do yourself and anyone who may see your bare feet a solid and give your soles a once over with this deodorizing, revitalizing, and softening pumice scrub. $28, urbanoutfitters.com

Hudson Made Scullery Soap

best exfoliating scrubs men hudson

Paying homage to a traditional servants’ soap that’s been around since the Middle Ages, this salt-infused beeswax bar is meant for everyone who wants to clean up their calloused, hardworking hands. $16.50, hudsonmadeny.com