Barnaby Black’s Hard-Milled Soaps

barnaby blacks hard milled soaps black

Unfortunately, the soap aisle at your local department store is a lot like the air freshener aisle – it’s absolutely overrun with flowery, hyper-feminine lady-scents. Soaps with fragrances befitting of a hair-chested he-man are few and far between, so unless you don’t mind your hands smelling like rose petals and bubblegum all the time, you’ll need to venture outside of the supermarket soap aisle. We recommend checking out Barnaby Black’s field accoutrements and supplies.

Handmade at their workshop in West Sayville, NYC, Barnaby Black’s hard-milled soaps come in a variety of natural scents you won’t be embarrassed to put on your paws.

Hayseed Tobacco, for example, imparts your hands with the sweet smell of vanilla pipe tobacco, sour cherries, and grass seed. Smoke, on the other hand, boasts the essence of backwoods campfires with hints of birch tar and vetiver. Other scents include Thistle, Woodland, and Resin – all of which are made with all-natural, certified organic ingredients.

And that’s just the hard-milled collection. Barnaby Black’s shop is filled with a variety of other soaps and goods suited for a modern woodsman. Check out the whole collection here.