Archer: Air Superiority

archer air superiority fresheners

I’ve you’ve ever taken a stroll down the air freshener aisle at your local department store, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the shelves are dominated by an ominous phalanx of lace-curtian lady-scents sporting names like flowerbomb daydream, lovebubble fruit blossom, and other hilariously hyper-feminine titles. You might find one like Clean Linen if you comb through each shelf with a magnifying glass, but overall it’s safe to say that the air freshener market is seriously lacking in masculine fragrances.

That’s where Archer comes in. These guys got sick of all that honey-suckle dewdrop bullshit, so they made a line of aerosol air sprays that won’t assault your manly, hair-filled nostrils. Currently they offer three scents:

European Sports Car smells of worn leather, excessive horsepower, and a hint of aftershave; Distillery hits your nose with hints of charred oak, sour mash, and the sweet smell of aged bourbon; and Hunting Lodge puts off the inviting scents of hearthstone, gunpowder, and damp timber.

And this is just the beginning. Archer has two new room fresheners slated for release in the next few months, as well as new product lines like dish soap and a hand soap that are currently in the works. Find out more at