Step It Up With Anthony High Performance

anthony high performance

Grooming is an essential part of every guy’s daily routine (or at least it should be). Anthony Sosnick has always been good to our skin, and now things are about to get even better. If you like Anthony Logistics, you’ll love taking it up a notch with Anthony’s High Performance Line. The line includes three products that will step up your skin care regimen.

High Performance Eye Cream. Because we all need a little help in that department when we have a lot to do with very little sleep. This eye cream will also take care of crow’s feet for guys who worry about that sort of thing. The advanced product includes a time-released formula that will also help prevent premature aging (yay for younger looking skin!) Arnica and Allantonin helps stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness – so throw that on in the morning after a rough night out. You can buy through

High Performance Vitamin C Facial Serum. This facial serum is a secret weapon for many – with enough Vitamin C to make a glass of OJ explode. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that will help your skin to appear smoother, brighter and firmer by stimulating collagen production. Cucumber extract will soothe, while licorice extract helps even out your skin tone. Drink a glass of orange juice and purchase here.

But it’s Anthony’s newest product, which may be his best yet. A fast-acting serum that minimizes the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

High Performance Anti-Wrinkle Glycolic Peptide Serum will be available in stores next month. This anti-aging, and lifting serum is infused with three key peptides that work instantly to help plump and relax deep lines and wrinkles. Overall health and texture will be improved – and skin elasticity will jump right back into action.Algae extract also helps repair and hydrate to jump-start the skin’s rejuvenation process.You can purchase the serum online here.