SpinChill: Adding the Wow Factor

spinchill bringing the wow factor to summer parties
There’s almost nothing better than a cold beer on a hot summer day, but if your BYOB fare features warm cans there’s a neat trick to get the party started almost instantly. It’s called SpinChill and is said to chill a warm can in 60 seconds. That’s not a typo. They’ve used science to chill a canned beverage in one minute.

Ty Parker and Trevor Abbott both have backgrounds in mechanical engineering and began an adventure in the summer of 2013 to figure out a product they could “hack” together for the HackerHouse accelerator program. They thought of warm beers they’d taken to parties in college. The only way to get them cold was to throw the cans on ice and wait. They decided to see if they could utilize their knowledge of heat transfer to come up with a quicker solution. The result: SpinChill, a gadget that uses a suction cup that fits on top of the beer can. It’s battery operated—just spin the can in a tub of ice and it will quickly be cold.

When they opened the first can, they feared it would spray everywhere due to the spinning, but that didn’t happen. They had one stationary beer in ice and compared it to the SpinChilled can. The stationary can foamed more than the one that was spun.

SpinChill can chill a single can in a minute, a 12-pack of beer in 12 minutes or a bottle of wine in three minutes. There’s no need to suffer through drinking a warm beverage when it can be quickly and conveniently chilled. You are welcome!

SpinChill sells for $29.99.

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