Giveaway: The Ultimate Oyster Package From Toadfish Outfitters

toadfish outfitters giveaway oyster knife

Oysters are one of our favorite foods, especially as the weather warms up and we get to spend more and more time outside (and we’re not even talking about when we decide to pop some bubbly to go with them).

The thing about oysters, though (and everyone who has ever bought oysters and brought them home knows), is they aren’t the easiest things in the world to prepare. Without the proper tools, you’ll have about as much luck shucking an oyster as you would successfully out-playing Lebron in a game of one-on-one.

The difference between the two scenarios mentioned above, though, is one has an immediate remedy — all you have to do is spend the first 18  years of your life shooting free throws …

We’re kidding. To get to the delicious inside of an oyster, you have to be prepared with the right tools. Don’t have the right tools? Well, you might soon. We’ve partnered up with Toadfish Outfitters to give away an oyster-shucking prize pack that has everything you need to get your shuck on — including fresh oysters.

Toadfish is a Charleston-based company that is dedicated to not only creating high-quality products made from recycled materials, but also to making sure that we aren’t the only ones who will be able to enjoy delicious treats such as oysters. Each purchase from Toadfish contributes to environmental causes that help preserve the coastal lands, ensuring that the next generation will also get to reap the beauty and benefits of the area.

One lucky winner will receive a Toadfish prize pack worth a mother-shucking $200. Included in that package will be:

Toadfish Oyster Knife Set – $110
toadfish outfitters giveaway oyster knife set

This is a set of three of the “most thought-out oyster shuckers ever created” all packaged in an elegant and functional wooden box. Store ’em and show ’em off when you’re not busy shucking.

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Put’Em Back Shucking Cloths – $54
toadfish outfitters oyster cloth product

Heard of Avocado Hand? Yeah, Oyster Hand would be much, much worse. With this set of three cloths, you can avoid the having to worry about that.

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One Bag of Fresh Oysters – About $40
toadfish outfitters oysters

It’s one thing to get oyster knives, but if you don’t have oysters, then what’s really the point? That’s why Toadfish is throwing in one bag of oysters, which will be shipped to you fresh and ready to shuck.

Next? Learn how to shuck oysters the right way.

Toad Oyster Shucking Giveaway
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