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Don’t Wait Until Black Friday to Buy a Keurig — Shop NOW

Keurig K Cafe brewing coffee with a woman pouring milk into a coffee cup.

The best Black Friday deals are getting closer every day, but you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to pick up a coveted appliance, like a coffee maker or Keurig. Last year, shoppers ran into tons of trouble picking up the products they wanted on Black Friday, such as stockouts, backorders, and massive shipping delays. If you don’t want to deal with those issues, consider picking up a home upgrade early. This year, many online stores are putting some of the top modern appliance brands, like Keurig, on sale for massive discounts even before Black Friday starts. If you’re interested in getting a Keurig, definitely make that purchase as early as you can.

While you might get bigger discounts if you wait until Black Friday, there are some great reasons to get a Keurig brewing system right now. You’ll still find fantastic deals on both the machines themselves and the K-Cups, but you’ll get them much sooner. While everyone’s trying to get a Keurig on Black Friday, you’ll be brewing a cup of coffee to get the morning started.

There’s a discount on the Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker at Amazon today.

If you wait for Keurig deals on Black Friday, you probably won’t receive your brewing system on time for the holidays. If you’re planning on giving one of these coffee makers as a gift, then you definitely shouldn’t hold off on picking one up. The best Keurig makers often go on backorder before major sales like Black Friday, so if you wait too long, it may take weeks or months to arrive at your doorstep.

There’s also a chance that the most popular Keurig products, like their combination coffee-maker pod brewers, will sell out before most people get a chance to buy them. We’re definitely going to see these sell out on Black Friday. Some flavors of K-Cup pods might sell out too. Last year’s supply chain issues caused tons of problems for shoppers and will likely continue to persist this year.

If you get your Keurig months after ordering, you’ll miss out on a lot of cups of delicious, flavorful coffee at the push of a button. Here’s our advice: don’t wait. Pick up a Keurig right now for a great deal, and start making coffee quickly and easily at home.

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