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Experience the Health Benefits of Cocoa with CocoaVia’s End-of-Year Sale

Whether you’re a chocolate lover or not, chances are that at some point in your life, you’ve heard someone tout the surprising health benefits of cocoa. That’s not just hearsay – this lovely little brown bean ranks alongside coffee and green tea as one of nature’s best “superfoods,” and even if you don’t love to eat it as much as some people do, you can still easily add it to your diet or supplement stack with these flavanol-packed products from CocoaVia. Now’s a great time to try it out, too, as CocoaVia is running a week-long end-of-year sale right now on all of its products. Read on to find out more about what CocoaVia can do for your body and how you can save.

Cocoa has many interesting and scientifically proven health benefits for the human body, the most important of which is that it is a boon to your heart and circulatory system. Cocoa flavanols improve circulation by naturally increasing nitric oxide levels in your blood. Nitric oxide is a potent compound that relaxes your arterial walls, increasing blood flow by making your blood vessels softer and more pliable. Your blood performs the vital tasks of delivering oxygen and nutrients to every part of your body while simultaneously carrying away toxins and waste materials, so improving your circulation is one of the best ways to achieve better overall health.

CocoaVia’s products are made from cocoa which is processed with a unique proprietary technology that preserves the delicate health-boosting flavanols (which are easily destroyed by normal processing methods — so no, you’re not getting much of a flavanol boost from that chocolate candy bar). CocoaVia also offers three different ways to enjoy the benefits of cocoa, so you’ve got a few options when it comes to making this superfood a permanent part of your diet and supplement regimen.

CocoaVia Cocoa Flavanol Capsules

cocoavia capsules

If you’re looking for the simplest way to get a big dose of good stuff cocoa has to offer, these CocoaVia capsules are the perfect thing to add to your supplement stack. Each serving of two vegetarian capsules contains 450mg of cocoa flavanols — the highest concentration available from any supplement on the market right now.

CocoaVia Cocoa Flavanol Drink Mix Packets

cocoavia drink packets

Chocolate-based drinks are nothing new, and the CocoaVia flavanol drink mix packets are even easier to make than hot cocoa: Simply add a packet to any flavored drink, food, or recipe of your choice. Each stick packet contains zero grams of fat, zero grams of sugar, and 450 mg of flavanols – the same amount as two of the CocoaVia capsules – making this another super-simple way to add high-quality, flavanol-packed cocoa to your diet.

GoodnessKnows Cocoa Snack Squares

cocoavia goodnessknows bars

If you’re a firm believer that the only way to truly enjoy chocolate is to eat it, then the GoodnessKnows cocoa snack bars are right up your alley. They’re GMO-free, low in sodium, made with dark chocolate, and come loaded with 100mg of cocoa flavanols per serving. Each snack bar also breaks into four squares so you can share them if you’re feeling generous (or not).

CocoaVia is currently running a sitewide end-of-year sale on all of its products including its cocoa capsules, drink mix packets, and GoodnessKnows snack bars. From December 28 through January 4, you can take 30% off the entire selection of CocoaVia snacks and supplements, and if you sign up for auto-delivery, you can enjoy a 50% discount on your first shipment.

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