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Worn Out Wednesday – Gabriel Ricioppo

Richmond, Virginia has been getting subtle style buzz as of late. Ledbury has been dressing men in some good looking shirts and Need Supply’s online store is gaining momentum in   menswear (and womenswear) around the globe.   Their Meet the Maker profiles on their site are getting lots of love too. Although their store has been up and running since 1996, Gabriel Ricioppo moved to Richmond in 2005 and started art directing Need Supply and soon took it online.

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Gabriel spent the warmer months surfing on the coast. “It was a great way to grow up! I love surfing even though I don’t have much time for it now,” he laments. One thing he noticed from the surf world was that everyone wore brand named tees and they all looked the same. This is where his budding branding profession began.

Ricioppo landed at the Art Institute of Atlanta for school in the 90s and studied design. The world of the web was fairly new and he was steered towards learning the ropes of the internet. As he tells us, “The design community was really popping up around the world and it was opening doors for little guys who had something good to promote. It was a pretty amazing time, I get a little nostalgic for it actually!”

Gabriel focused his creativity onto an online tee shirt company and fared pretty well, but upon moving back to Richmond, one of the partners at Need Supply left. So Gabriel  got on board and moved the company into having an online retail presence. Today Gabriel happily has his hands full, “The branding mixed with the design and photography, you have to be good at a lot of things!”

Looking towards the future Gabriel would like to open more stores across the country (yes, please!) and see their own line grow too.

Below Gabriel tells us more about his personal style.

Jeans: I have a pair of APC jeans on right now. I wore jeans for a while then moved   to trousers. APC jeans are a project to break in! I wear a pair of Raleigh, Acme too.

Pants: Norse Project and Rogue Territory out of LA are two favorites. Rogue has a really strong following and shows us how retail is totally different with the internet.

Shirts: I wear a lot of Gitman Vintage shirts. They fit me really well. I hate to try things on and if I know a brand   works then I can just pick them up and go. I have some Band of Outsiders shirts too.

Shoes: Well I just had back surgery! My back went out after touring six countries for work. I have been wearing rubber bottom shoes since that happened like Nike Wovens. I am a big fan of Common Projects. A handmade Italian leather sneaker is kind of decadent and they hold up forever. I have a pair of Quoddys and Alden’s but haven’t been wearing leather bottoms for a while.

Outerwear: I have three jackets in rotation. Han Kjobenhaven is from Denmark and we at Need Supply really love them. I have a Wings & Horns which is a little shorter and if it rains I wear my Penfield coat.

Accessories: I have a great pair of glasses from Garreth Leight. I really don’t buy a ton of stuff and I am very slow and methodical about what to buy next! I have a Uniform Wears watch. It is really clean and good looking. I am saving up for another watch, I want a vintage Speed Master! Soulland designed a great hat for the Danish rail system  -it’s like a Fedora meets a baseball cap. I love Mismo bags too. I need new luggage – Just realized it is all destroyed. Dreaming of a Rimowa!

Suits: I don’t dress up much. You can most often find me in a blue Oxford. I like things pretty clean and straight forward with a few colors and patterns here and there.

Favorite piece of tech you own?

It has to be my iPhone. I use it so much. You don’t have to bring a computer on a trip these days! I am also a big fan of the blue tooth jam box.

Favorite App?

I don’t use a ton of apps. Most are kids games for my daughter.

Next tech purchase?

I want a leaf blower! Too many leaves on my block. Remember, I like things clean.

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