Worn Out Wednesday – Brett Kincaid

worn wednesday brett kincaid

Today we speak to Brett Kincaid, partner in the creative agency, Matte.

I was born in Honolulu, grew up in San Diego, California, never got good at surfing, was super into cooking and creating micro businesses. But as a kid I never really explored too many creative outlets; they came to fruition after I came to New York City. I went to school in Colorado, snowboarded quite a bit, had a small company there arranging small shows and group trips, just as a way to make some extra funds; funny its become a real business with legitimate talent involved.

I’ve never really set an explicit goal, but I want to do that when I am 40. Obviously I set goals for project based events, but in general, I think I’ve always just extracted what I could from every situation I’ve been in, utilized that knowledge, and applied it to what I find interesting and viable.

I was fortunate enough to have interested parents. By age 20, I had been to over 50 countries in a variety of capacities. In many ways I think these experiences fed the desire to do what I do now: Travel, and I don’t mean sitting at a resort, I like adventure in all formats, fun, exciting, weird, uncomfortable. I just have a continued desire too have new experiences. I am going to Ethiopia in a few months, and I am excited about that opportunity. I have four siblings, all very different, with a pretty wide age range, so always a busy household; I’m the only one on the east coast.

I run a creative agency/production company with two partners. It’s called MATTE. I started in hospitality, found my self in music, which led to film, which led to creating music experiences, now they are all merged into one pot. We do a wide range of things, from producing all of Kitsune music events in the US, creating commercials for Chanel, Kenneth Cole, and Bud Light, and hosting an annual music festival of 5,000, it keeps my mind engaged and I am rarely bored.

Here Brett speaks about his personal style:

Jeans: APC – Petit Standard

Shirts: Kitsune – Classic Shirt

Pants: APC – Petit Standard

Suits: Sandro – Fire V

Shoes: Common Projects , Vans Low Tops

Accessories: Montblanc Watch (weirdly bought in Las Vegas after a fortuitous win at 18)

Outerwear: Sandro Leather jacket and Billy Reid Outerwear

Favorite Cologne: ODIN 06

Your favorite App: Google

Favorite piece of technology: G16 Camera

Next tech purchase: MacBook Air

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