Wear It Now: Bandana Print

Bold prints are an important building block of the modern wardrobe, but with so many options out there, what to wear? One that we love is the bandana print, particularly for the inner cowboy and rapper among us. Long associated with kerchiefs and neck scarves, the bordered paisley print became synonymous in recent decades with street style and one very chill dude by the name of Snoop Dogg. But how times have changed. Today designers are purging the print of its former rebellious association and transforming it into a high fashion statement, as seen in the most recent collections of the designer brands Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. Fortunately, regular folks like us won’t have to wait till next spring to get a jump on the trend. Above, five stylish reinterpretations of the classic to sport right now. L-R: Crooks & Castles, $52; Bellfield, $70; Shades of Grey, $48; AMH; Club Monaco, $24.50.