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The Manual Wind: Bell & Ross BR Desert Type

the manual wind bell ross br desert type 2
It is sometimes forgotten that the timepiece is fashion accessory.  Although watch brands tend to beat the their own drum in that sense, on occasion a watch will be introduced that does follow trend.  Camouflage has been done right by a few watch brands over the years; Hublot most notably.  Now Bell & Ross has subtly brought back the desert theme in their classic casual square.  They have introduced a series of black DLC cased watches; Desert Type.

The desert type is offered in a chronograph and non-chronograph in their BR-03 42mm case as well as a quartz version in their smaller Type S case.  Holding true to this classic and simple square, the desert type has one major trait, dial and strap color.  The sand color dial and strap play for a great contrast against the black case and black hands and marking on the dial.  A sandwich layering of the dial makes for nice detail on the piece as well.  A rugged yet soft look, the Desert Type is a great casual weekender.  All Bell & Ross BR line watches come with an addition black cloth velcro strap for added sportiness that would fit perfect on this watch as well.

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Whereas the Camouflage Hublots of years past may have been out of reach due to their high price point, the Bell & Ross is attainable.  With a price tag around $4,000 for the BR03-92 non-chronograph, my choice of the three for simplicity, this piece will not leave your wallet high and dry.

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The Manual Wind: Ralph Lauren Automotive Chronograph
manual wind ralph lauren automotive chronograph 1

It is a common misconception that the popularity in watches is on the decline.  Smart phones and watches, although far more functional and carried by all, have no shot in replacing the wristwatch.  Timeless design, ease of checking the time, and most of all, status, keep the timepiece firmly in place on the wrist.  With this sustained and growing popularity there is more motivation than ever to break into this market.  Long established fashion brands are taking note.  

One example is Ralph Lauren.  The iconic designer with one of the most established brands in American history saw great opportunity as well.  A few years ago he introduced a line of watches inspired by his famed car collection.  His most recent release ahead of SIHH watch show 2015, The Ralph Lauren Automotive Chronograph, shows inspiration from the most famous member of that collection; the 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic coupe.

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The Manual Wind: Bell & Ross BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph
manual wind bell ross br x1 skeleton chronograph

The aviation inspired watch has been around since, well,  the dawn of aviation.  This category of watches are designed truly fueled by necessity; large numbers and hands in large cases for easy legibility while flying and monitoring a flight control panel.  Back in 2005, Bell & Ross took the gauge to the wrist with the introduction of the BR series. This 46mm goliath, distinguishably square, with large numbers and hands was an instant hit.  Reasonably priced at under $5,000, the BR caught on fast and became a staple weekend timepiece for collectors.  Now almost ten years later, the BR line has come a long way bearing new materials and complications.  Their latest offering, the BR-X1 Skeleton Chronograph, proves just that.

Made out of Titanium, ceramic, and rubber, the 45mm BR-X1 case has a modern yet rugged appearance; almost futuristic yet still keeping the BR theme. Matte ceramic, rubber, and brushed titanium bring out some of the best finishing Bell & Ross has offered.  Add to that a sharp skeletonized dial of grey-tinted mineral glass revealing an exposed date wheel and gears and this piece becomes a standout.  Beneath the skeleton dial is the Swiss made Bell & Ross modified chronograph movement.  Flip the piece around and there is a small sapphire window giving a peak into a portion of the movement as well.  As with most of the BR line, this piece is paired with a rubber strap and ceramic tang buckle staying true to their original functionality.

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The Manual Wind: Bell & Ross BR123 GMT
manual wind bell ross br123 gmt and

With the demand for vintage watches climbing a steep incline, brands are shamelessly emulating the classics.  Not only are manufacturers digging up their own past, but other brands are stepping in and seeing whose past they can exploit as well.  One example of this is the just released Bell & Ross BR123 GMT 24h.  Though very classic in design, where do you get the nerve?

The BR123 GMT sticks to the classic Bell & Ross vintage with its dial, case, and crystal but adds one major element; the distinct GMT hand.  This hand, made famous by Rolex, cannot be overlooked.  Large and orange, it made the Rolex Explorer 2 the collector piece it is today, and continues to hold consumer attention in the current model Explorer 2's.

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