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The Manual Wind: An Affordable Timeless Timepiece with an Appropriate Name

the manual wind an affordable timeless timepiece with appropriate name eterna
We have all had that moment looking through the drawers at our grandparents.  Sifting through the artifacts of their time perhaps finding some tools, a knife, or even a wristwatch.  That old wristwatch at the back of your grandfathers desk drawer may very well bear the name Eterna.  One of the older watch companies still recognized, these affordable timepieces could be considered a tool watch; bought for the true purpose of telling time.  This old watch company dating back to 1856 has brought back that affordable timepiece with the Eterna Eternity Automatic.


At 40mm in diameter, Eterna has created a modern dress watch.  In stainless steel and PVD gold steel, two looks are offered for an affordable price.  The dial is what makes this watch.  A silver sun-brushed dial brings back the old days giving this watch its classic look.  Beneath the dial lies a Sellita Swiss automatic movement with a 38 hour power reserve.  The piece attaches to the wrist with either a black or brown crocodile embossed calf strap with a tang buckle.

Eternity is a fitting name for this timepiece.  Classic and elegant, the design is timeless.  The Eterna Eternity might be a little more expensive than what was paid back in the day, but you cannot beat the price for a swiss automatic watch.  Attainable for an affordable $1,600 asking price, this classic will hopefully be found in your watch case by your grandkids.

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