TGIF Shopping: WMS & CO Takes Style Offline

Are you as sick of sending boring thank you notes or birthday cards as we are? This week we found, WMS & Co, a design firm that specializes in customs stamps, typography and desk accessories. They help you take your offline game to the next level. The company recently collaborated with Jack Spade on some special stamps and custom typography. But what we loved is that they allow anybody to add a distinctive mark to their offline communication. As they say, their products allow you to have one foot in the old world and another in the now. You customize stamps for anything from a business logo, personal monogram or label.

WMS & Co sells a self-inking stamper with interchangeable typographic print plates as well as a traditional hand stamp (If you want to go old school). After you select a stamper you can choose between customized typographic imprint templates or their readymade prints. The stampers run between $115-$300 and the print templates are between $28-$300. Their team can help you create your customized templates. They also have accessories that add an elevated artisan element to your desk. These include artisan bronze triangles and paperweights. WMS & CO is collaboration between, JP Williams and Allison Muench Williams, the co-founders of New York-based design firm MW. Their work specializes in typography and paper projects for clients like Jack Spade and David Yurman. Check out WMS & Co here.