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TGIF Shopping: Johnny Love

In the winter your jacket is what people see first and judge you by. If you’re settling for one-hit-wonder outerwear, from H&M or Zara, consider spending just a little more on something that will hold its style and last as long as you. This week we stumbled upon Nordic brand Johnny Love, which from what we can see, puts together a well-tailored jacket that will also keep you warm. The casual luxury brand was founded in 2006 and is based in Trondheim, Norway. Helmed by designer John Vinnem, the brand’s obvious strength is its outerwear due to its snowy locale. Vinnem’s ability to make clothing that is versatile enough for any occasion shows in the fits and tailored form of Johnny Love’s outwear and other pieces.

All of their pieces are made in the EU, mostly from Italian and Japanese fabrics. Johnny Love’s coats are statement pieces. While they are casual they accentuate the stature of the man wearing them. This is what they call the Scandinavian slim fit: Broad shoulders and chest, and narrower but straight waist.

According to the brand spokesman, Magne Gisvold, Johnny Love, “makes clothes that appeal to men who like to dress well and add to their look.” “The clothes don’t ‘hide’ or obscure the personality of the wearer, but enhances it,” Gisvold said. “As our fit enhances a ‘V’ shaped torso, it could be seen as accentuating the masculinity of the wearer.”

Our favorite pieces from Johnny Love’s current and past collection you can see above. In terms of outerwear we are fans of their version of the double-breasted pea coat, Poe, which is styled with an almost futuristic design. And as Gisvold said, the coat, like their others pulls fitted around the waist accentuating the V-shape of the wearer (making you look good for the gals, even in the winter). We also recommend their trench coats, the Kaufman and Colombo. The Hemingway is a clever take on the Parka as well. Visit their site here to find U.S. retailers or order directly online.

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