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Sunglasses to feel awesome in by Surface to Air

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the fashionably late arrival of summer this year than with the inaugural eyewear collection of one of our favorite brands. Surface to Air’s new sunnies collection comprises 11 styles that fuse elements of the failsafe classics we love, with the kind of super fresh updates that we crave each season. The only hardship is picking your favorites, so we’ve whittled the list down to our top five styles. God we’re good to you.

  1.  Glacier Available in classic tortoiseshell or an awesome mushroom hue, these preppy frames will merge harmoniously with your entire wardrobe. Featuring vintage-style flat pins and a keyhole nose bridge, the Glacier will retain its fresh appeal from summer to summer.
  2. Zenit If achingly cool is your thing, look no further than the Zenit. Crafted from thick hand polished acetate, these bold black frames are an over-sized version of the classic wayfarer. For best results, wear with a white t-shirt, slightly slick hair and a hint of attitude.
  3. Titan A touch old world gentleman, a touch 1990s nonchalance, these circular metal frames are surprisingly flattering. The polished acetate temples make for a ‘trendy’ albeit distinguished statement. Wear with a varisty jacket or classical bomber for maximum effect.
  4. Troopers This style is all about optimal fit and perfectly contoured lines. Perhaps more of a casual statement, these frames will segue from a beach to city traipsing smoothly. We love the navy and sulphur colour-way.
  5. Vektor Inspired by Roy Orbison’s iconic 1960s rocker style, the Vektor design is not for the faint hearted. The flat top wayfarer shape feels pretty retro, though the reflective mirrored lenses and thick hand polished acetate frames bring them back to 2013.

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I tried David Gandy’s sustainable clothing line and it over-delivered
This is what you need to know about David Gandy Wellwear
David Gandy Wellwear.

Labor Day officially marks the start of fall. The kids have gone back to school, temperatures will slowly start to drop, days will become shorter, and mother nature will leisurely begin to change her colors. Fall is genuinely a wonderful time of year, but it can still pose some wardrobe difficulties. Regardless of the holiday or not, the start of fall is still relatively warm, especially when the summer temps decide to linger a little longer than expected, turning into an Indian Summer. 

There are days of plenty throughout the country where October will still be holding well into the 80s, including the midwest and upper east coast regions. Then, the next thing you know, it’s a twenty-degree temperature drop; this type of weather swing all too often becomes a thing of a regular occurrence. The proceeding question posed is, how do you stock your wardrobe for such extreme changes? Answer — by choosing a brand, moreover a lifestyle brand, that creates apparel designed to enhance your well-being. Does David Gandy Wellwear have what it takes? We investigate.
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Meggings? Yep, Matador Meggings Redefined Men’s Leggings for the Male Anatomy
Matador Meggigngs worn while working out in two styles.

This content was produced in partnership with Matador.
Like all great origin stories, Matador Meggings — which earned renown for its customized men’s leggings so aptly named "meggings" — was born out of necessity. While some may disagree that men need leggings, and may even declare their point proudly, the success of the brand proves otherwise. Valentine Aseyo, Matador’s founder, quickly realized that there was a dearth of leggings and form-fitting wear acceptable for men to sport out in public, especially if they didn’t want to put their bits on display. So, naturally, he created Matador, an innovative men's athleisure brand primarily known for its men's leggings specifically designs for the male anatomy and featuring a no-VPL (visible penis line) modesty pad concealing the groin department, multiple pockets, a t-shirt and towel loop at the back, an inner drawstring, and high performance sweat-wicking silky fabric. They offer dozens of bold colors and wild prints! And the rest is history!

We’ll get to the “why” in a bit, but what you need to know upfront is that they’re comfortable, convenient, and stylish — thanks to varied and eccentric designs. Moreover, Matador now offers a host of other clothing options, including matching tops so you can look your best while working out, staying healthy, or even just relaxing. Too hot for leggings? Well, you'll be happy to know they also offer compression shorts for warmer weather or indoor fitness classes. You can check out the current selection below, or keep reading for a deep dive into Matador and what they have to offer.
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