Summertime Shoes: The Manual’s Five Favorite Canvas Shoes

Choosing summer footwear can be tricky. When you are constantly on the move, going from office to beach, from beach to beer garden, from beer garden to bedroom (we won’t ask where or who with), you need to make sure you have a shoe that can keep up with you. Sure, sneakers are comfortable, but we can’t all wear them to the office. And, while a nice pair of leather loafers is always fashionable, you may not want them collecting pockets of sand at the beach.

That’s why a canvas shoe is perhaps the unofficial footwear of summer. Canvas shoes are always comfortable and never out of place—useful for walking from cubicle to cubicle and for moving from bow to stern on an ocean boat ride.

We’ve picked out  our five favorite canvas shoes, so that you can make sure your feet are taken care of for the rest of the season.