SoHo’s Newest Hook: Miansai

Five years ago Miansai founder Michael Saiger kickstarted something of a revolution in men’s accessories. Not only did his nautical rope bracelets become the wrist accessory of choice for the stylish set; the brand ushered in a new way of accessorizing: where one statement watch or bracelet sufficed in the past, today it’s stylish to wear both and pile it on. So when Miansai opened its first official flagship on Crosby Street in New York City last week, we couldn’t help but feel that the brand had come full circle and that men’s accessories had officially come into their own. Accordingly, about the most impressive, if not seductive, aspect of the store isn’t the Kombucha tea bar or sleek black walnut cabinetry throughout Miansai’s lofty interior, but the presentation of an entire universe of men’s accessories rugged enough to appeal to the less fashion-conscious. Among the highlights: passport holders, journals, wallets, rings, key chains, tie bars and timepieces with extra long straps to wrap around the wrist. The store even offers a browse-worthy selection of objects ranging from Shwood sunglasses to Opinel pocket knives. If time is of the essence, however, we suggest making a beeline for the made-to-measure station where you can create your very own engraved silver, brass, gold or rose-gold hook, anchor and “Brummel” rope or leather keepsake. 33 Crosby Street, New York City, NY 10013.