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SF Giants Fans: Make a Statement With Dockers’ Orange Dugout Pants

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Dockers makes a mean pair of khakis. Like any man who occasionally dons business casualwear, you likely have at least one pair of Dockers in your closet. If you happen to be a San Francisco Giants fan, prepare to increase your khaki collection by one pair.

“Orange Is the New Black” is not just the facetious title of a hit Netflix series — it might just be apt fashion advice. Dockers and the SF Giants have joined forces to create slick, orange pants that they’re calling “Dugout Pants.” If orange isn’t the new black, it’s at least the new khaki.

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Dugout_Full_Front_Open_burnedThe Dugout Pants are an offshoot of Dockers’ Original Alpha Khaki line. From the outside, these pants appear to be normal pants (or as normal as orange pants can be). On the inside, you’ll find a funky baseball-inspired design and the Original Alpha Khaki logo.

Dockers has released a series of videos featuring Giant’s own Hunter Pants — er, sorry, Hunter Pence. These videos ask the pressing question, “What’s in Hunter’s Pence (er, pants, sorry again)?” What, indeed.

Giants fans will find that these pants make it easy to observe casual Friday and #OrangeFriday simultaneously. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to be a Giants fan to rock a pair of Dugout Pants — you could just be a gentleman who enjoys taking fashion risks.

Unfortunately for our non-Bay-area readers, the Dugout Pants are only for sale at Dugout Stores, which are peppered throughout the Bay Area (with an odd one in Scottsdale, AZ). However, you can quench your thirst for khakis (weird metaphor) with other prime choices from Dockers’ Original Alpha Khaki line.

Dockers Dugout Pants — $69 at Dugout Stores

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