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Motiv Ring Tracks Your Fitness with Subtle Style

There is no dearth of wrist-bound fitness trackers in the wearable tech world. There’s the Fitbit, the Apple Watch, and now GPS makers are in on the game with Garmin and TomTom developing their own smart watches and trackers.

But, none of these trackers really and truly hit the aesthetic mark. While an Apple watch can pull off a “sleek and techy” look, it always appears just a touch out of place with a business suit or more formal workwear. And forget about style when it comes to any FitBit–they tend to look like you’re wearing a Tamagotchi on your wrist. If only there were a subtle fitness tracker that you could wear without distracting from your personal, everyday style…

Thanks to Motiv Ring, now there is.

motiv ring

Motiv Ring is a simple, elegant, fitness tracker that you can wear on your finger, providing all the sensors of a traditional fitness tracker, but with ten times the style.

Like most fitness trackers, Motiv Ring tracks your heart rate, steps, sleep, and calorie burn, but with the added benefit of focusing its sensors on your “active minutes” count. Active minutes refers to the amount of time spent doing moderate physical activity. Walking at your regular pace doesn’t count. Doing dishes doesn’t count. Standing doesn’t count. Jogging or more vigorous activity absolutely does. By tracking your active minutes, Motiv Ring focuses your fitness mindset on achieving the government-recommended 150 active minutes each week. These guidelines are handed down from on high by the US Department of Health and Human Services and are meant to be the minimum amount of moderate exercise needed to live a long, healthy life.

Made from a metallic titanium shell, Motiv Ring is light weight, thin, and comes in two colors: slate gray and rose gold. Rose gold (obviously meant for the ladies) won’t exactly fit in with your standard wardrobe, but the slate gray version will be right at home paired with anything from a flannel to a blue blazer.

Motiv Ring is equipped with a Bluetooth sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate monitor, lithium ion battery, and can easily be charged using a magnetic USB adapter.

The ring fully charges in about 90 minutes and MyMotiv (the company that produce the Motiv Ring) states that the battery life clocks in somewhere between three to five days. If you’re a more active person, that battery life might see reductions due to the fact that the heart rate monitor turns on when it senses exertion–the rest of the time, it quietly rests in the background (read: not sapping energy). The ring is also waterproof up to 5ATM, so you can take it for that morning swim in the lap pool.

Pair the ring with the accompanying app and receive alerts and stats throughout the week. The ring measures your active minutes on a weekly basis, so if you’re short one day, it will adjust the calculations to make sure you’re still motivated to hit your weekly goal–in style.

Motiv Ring is available for pre-order now at the retail price of $200.

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