Monocle Voyage: Sharp Threads for Globetrotters

For those unfamiliar with Monocle magazine, it is a super slick publication that focuses on international affairs, business, culture and design. When we heard the Monocle brand, which also head up a radio station, concept stores across five cities and a café in London, had launched their inaugural fashion collection we were a little more than intrigued.

MV_TravelBlazerTrouserLRThe Monocle Voyage Collection was designed with experienced travelers in mind. Whether roaming on foot or sitting in-flight, globetrotting takes precedence in the design of each garment. Designer Daniela Diletto found inspiration in the hectic, international lifestyle of Monocle Editor-in-Chief, Tyler Brûlé. According to Diletto, the Monocle Voyage man is ‘a well-traveled gentleman who is always looking for high standards of comfort and functionality’. Amen to that.

We love the extreme edit of this capsule collection. Consisting of just five pieces that have been designed to suit all manner of climates, packing just five great, beautifully crafted pieces into the world’s smallest suitcase is the ultimate travel dream, are we right? Pieces include a Japanese classic crew T-shirt, a pair of navy straight cut trousers, an unconstructed travel jacket to match, a sweatshirt available in navy or grey marl and a classic Oxford shirt made from high-quality cotton sourced in Italy. All that’s missing is your passport…