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The Manual Wind: Weiss Watch Company Standard Issue Field Watch

manual wind weiss watch company standard issue field
Quality timepieces are often associated with the same few countries of origin; Switzerland of course, and Germany.  One brand that is hoping to change this perception is The Weiss Watch Company.  At the helm is Swiss trained watchmaker Cameron Weiss.   WOSTEP certified, Weiss spent years training under the masters at watch houses Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin.   Working hard to resurrect watch manufacturing in the United States circa the late 1800s early 1900s, Weiss is hitting the niche hard with its latest offering; the Standard Issue Field Watch.


At 42mm in diameter, this Stainless Steel cased watch is designed and almost totally manufactured right here in America.  Dials, hands, cases, and accessories are made in house as well as the finishing of the Swiss movement parts.  Once assembled, this classic timepiece can confidently bear the name of its home city as imprinted on the dial; Los Angeles, California.

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Beneath the in house manufactured brass dial lies a Weiss caliber 1001 manual wind mechanical movement with forty-six hour power reserve.  All sandwiched together with two sapphire crystals for easy visibility of both the dial and movement, the Stand issue Field Watch is ready for a strap.  Black and white dials are offered with a selection of strap colors which include olive, navy, and black.


Weiss offers a classic design reminiscent of the old American made Walthams at an extreme value for the quality.  Nicely packaged at $1,100 for the Standard Issue Field Watch with additional strap and strap change tool (also manufactured by Weiss) , this timepiece is sure to make some waves in an already competitive segment.  Check out everything The Weiss Watch Company has to offer.

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The Manual Wind: Zenith Pilot Type 20 Squelette Sapphire
Zenith Pilot Type 20 Squelette Sapphire

It is often forgotten that watchmaking is not just about practical engineering, but also about ornately showing off.  High end watch brands love this aspect of the business.  Creating six and seven figure timepieces handcrafted and jeweled for the very few adds to the fun of the watch world.  Zenith is a modest brand known for its movement manufacturing; primarily the El Primero Chronograph movement.  Out of this LVMH owned manufacturer comes a piece that is ornate and outrageous in both size and detail.

At 60mm in diameter, the Zenith Pilot Type 20 Squelette is not your average Pilot.  The case is made of sapphire crystal displaying the movement not only through the skeletonize dial and exhibition back, but through the sides of the case as well.  Where there is metal there is hand-crafted design.  The lugs, hand chased, are made of white gold attaching the black crocodile strap to this behemoth piece of horological jewelry.  The crown is of white gold as well.  Taking this piece beyond sapphire and gold is the white blue enamel bezel.  This hand-crafted bezel makes for good contrast with the applied blue arabic numerals on the dial and the blued white gold hands.

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The Manual Wind: Omega Globemaster Master Chronometer
the manual wind omega globemaster master chronometer

Excellence is often awarded with a keepsake.  The timepiece has been a symbol of achievement through history and today is no different.  Omega has taken on the challenge of creating a movement that passes new timekeeping parameters classifying a movement as a Master Chronometer.  Of course having accomplished this challenge passing these new tests outlined by The Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology, Omega has come out with a classic new watch design.  The Omega Globemaster is the symbol of this achievement.
The Globemaster joins the Constellation family of pieces by Omega.  At a classic 39mm in diameter, this piece is meant to be the timeless introduction to an exceptional movement.  A tightly fluted bezel reminiscent of the Rolex Datejust surrounds a dial known classically to Omega historians, the Pie Pan.  With angles and depth, this dial which was commonly used in the 1970s, adds a historic element to this timepiece.  Under the dial lies the Omega Master Chronometer caliber 8900 movement.  With a silicon balance spring, this automatic movement has bi-directional winding and is anti-magnetic.  The anti-magnetic aspect of this movement steps it up to the next level certifying it as a Master Chronometer.
Made in stainless steel, rose gold, steel and gold, and platinum, this is truly a commemorative timepiece at every price point.  Metal bracelets and crocodile straps to compliment each dial and metal are offered to complete the classic style.  Starting at just under $7,000 for the steel version on a strap, this symbol of accomplishment is certainly attainable.  Might even be worth trading in your Rolex Datejust to obtain.

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The Manual Wind: Bamford Watch Department Rolex Yachtmaster II Black/Blue
Bamford Watch Department Rolex Yachtmaster II Black/Blue

For as long as people have wanted to exhibit their wealth, there has a been a great debate; customized or original.  The automobile market has a very large aftermarket parts market.  The watch market however, still maintains ill will toward a customized watch. Until recently, very few watch houses have been able to break the taboo, but one in particular is leading the breakthrough.  As high end customized Rolex go, Bamford Watch Department is the pinnacle.  With multiple case finishes, custom hand painted dials, and the ability to customize your own Bamford, the traditional steel watch better watch out.

The latest offering from Bamford takes the wildly popular and largest diameter Rolex in production, the Yachtmaster 2, and turns it into a head turner.  We all know the Black and Blue Rolex GMT Master is popular, but Bamford has taken the Yachtmaster 2 and turned it into the true Black/Blue.  With Bamford’s military grade titanium coating contrasting with a bright blue bezel and accented dial, this piece is a stand out.  This is a brazen design that bares the Rolex name, that Rolex would never have the gaul to produce.  Contrast, quality, and its rarity sets this piece apart from the traditional Yachtmaster 2.  Black coated watches often carry a stigma of not being resilient to wear, but Bamford’s secret formula and process put that to bed as well. Bamford offers an extremely limited production that Rolex, with its mass production, certainly does not offer.

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