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The Manual Wind: Piaget Altiplano Chronograph

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Watches over the last few years have had a growth spurt.  A 44mm timepiece suddenly became an average size for the typical watch wearer.  Even dress pieces have grown.  Manufactures of the classics, such and Patek Philippe and Blancpain, have supported this surge with new offerings that are larger and almost uncharacteristic.  Following the market demand is as important as staying focused on one of the classic goals of watchmaking; the thinner the better.  Piaget, a brand not always known for its movement manufacturing, has been taking this goal very seriously as of late.  Now holding records for some of the thinnest movements, another emerges.

Piaget thin

Introducing the thinnest manual wind chronograph in the world, the Piaget Altiplano Chronograph.  Measuring a mere 8.24mm thick, the new Altiplano Chronograph with a 4.65mm thick movement takes another world record for Piaget.  This ultra thin manual wind flyback chronograph boasts a second timezone indicator, 50 hour power reserve, and beats at 21,600 vph (vibrations per hour).  Above the movement lies a brushed sunburst finished dial with classic black markers and hands.  Encased in either white or rose gold, this 41mm diameter timepiece redefines the modern ultra thin.

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In the last few years Piaget has redefined their brand with their new watchmaking prowess.  Focusing on thickness rather than diameter has made them a standout brand amongst dress pieces and ultra-thin offerings in the industry.  Many luxury watch brands make ultra thin timepieces making it tough to differentiate between brands.  Holding 14 world records for the thinnest movements finally sets a brand apart in this segment.  Piaget might not have the watchmaking reputation of the Pateks and Blancpains of the world, but they are making a good case for being the go to high end ultra thin manufacturer.

See their other offerings here.

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The Piaget Polo S is no doubt a classic timepiece; just as both the Nautilus and Aquanaut by Patek Philippe.  The Polo S seems to be a blend of the two.  At 42mm in diameter, the Polo S is slightly larger than the Patek but has nearly the same brushed flat top T.V. screen shaped bezel.  A textured dial is also similar to that of the Patek.  The stainless bracelet the Polo S comes on bears some resemblance to Patek’s as well.  The movements are quite different though.  Inside lies a Piaget in-house automatic movement.  The Polo S is offered in an automatic time and date as well as an automatic chronograph.  Blue, white, and grey dials make for three watches with slightly different personalities.

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The Inox endured an arsenal of testing to ensure durability in all situations.  The Inox made it through: a ten meter drop onto concrete, being run over by a 64-ton tank, two hours in a washing machine, a simulated sandstorm, being left in gasoline, insecticides, oil and other corrosive agents, twelve G’s of acceleration and deceleration, and last but not least a 130 degree temperature change.  After all, Inox is the French word for “Stainless Steel”.

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