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The Manual Wind: Giuliano Mazzuoli Carrara

manual wind giuliano mazzuoli carrara carrara2
G.Mazzuoli Carrara 019Every timepiece has a designer, but not every designer will take the risk of producing a timepiece.  Giuliano Mazzuoli is a risk taker.  Since the launch of his namesake brand in 2005, he has approached the design of the timepiece from a different angle.  His inspiration, Italian heritage and simplistic design, has truly created a unique timepiece.  Deviating from his automobile inspired line of watches, his latest release, the Carrara, takes the material of the region for his creation.  Yes, marble.

G.Mazzuoli Carrara 006Known for its use in architecture and sculpture, Giuliano Mazzuoli has taken Carrara marble to the wrist.  At 44.5mm in diameter, the case is made of this renowned stone polished to hold the classic Giuliano Mazzuoli case shape.  The polished marble case surrounds a steel movement casing to add strength in the design. There are no lugs in his design which brings focus to the case on your wrist.  The leather strap is simply to attach this watch artwork to the arm.

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G.Mazzuoli Carrara 014Giuliano Mazzuoli is known for his use of exotic materials and efficiently incorporating them into his designs.  This once again is evident in his choice of dial material, ceramic.  Used mostly in watch cases across the industry, Mr.  Mazzuoli has brought this material inside.  With the ability to hold color as well as multiple finishes, ceramic is an ideal dial material.  Offered in black satin, polished white, and matte blue, Mazzuoli has really exploited this material for great use.  Rounding out the design are block steel markers and hands giving the dial depth.

With two Swiss automatic movement options, this piece is not only well designed but reasonably priced.  The three hand automatic is priced at just under five thousand and the automatic chronograph just under eight thousand.

With the release of the Carrara, Giuliano Mazzuoli has truly ensured that his design prowess is set in stone.

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The Inox endured an arsenal of testing to ensure durability in all situations.  The Inox made it through: a ten meter drop onto concrete, being run over by a 64-ton tank, two hours in a washing machine, a simulated sandstorm, being left in gasoline, insecticides, oil and other corrosive agents, twelve G’s of acceleration and deceleration, and last but not least a 130 degree temperature change.  After all, Inox is the French word for “Stainless Steel”.

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At a large but not too large 43mm in diameter, this steel case is from their round BR line of timepieces.  Offered in both time and date, and a chronograph complication, the color scheme looks good.  A radiant blue dial is matched with gold appliqués to make the hours along the perimeter.  Gold hands with superluminova for added legibility match as well.  The bezel is blue and gold as well; made of blue anodized aluminum.  Under the all the aesthetics lies a BR swiss automatic movement.  The piece is matched with either blue alligator or blue calf with deployment buckle to complete the color scheme.

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Vulcanized rubber coats this 45.8mm stainless steel case to give this UN a black textured finish.   The instant focus of the piece is the bezel.  Raising an eyebrow, what is in the bezel?  At first glance I thought black diamond baguettes until I saw all the color variations.  The bezel is set with ceramic baguettes keeping the price reasonable while offering this very unique look.  Offered in black, white, yellow, and blue, each color piece has a matching dial and strap.  Giving it a skeletonized appearance, waves of the matching color break across the dial keeping the Ulysse Nardin’s nautical theme.  Below the dial lies a UN automatic in-house caliber movement with 48 hour power reserve and power indicator.  More vulcanized rubber and ceramic attach this piece to the wrist with a folding buckle and ceramic elements with the Ulysse Nardin logo.

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