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The Manual Wind: Conquest to Heritage

manual wind conquest heritage
The throwback timepiece is a theme holding strong within the watch world.  Brands are digging deep to pull out their history’s best designs and reinvent them for the new consumer.  With this simple concept, the deeper the history the more profound the designs.  Having been the first official timer of the modern Olympics, Longines is one of those brands with plenty of history to recall.  Their new release takes it back with there cushion shape chronograph, the Heritage 1973.  A remake of their original cushion chronograph, the Conquest, the case has stayed the same but all else is different.
Staying true to the Conquest in it’s size, the Heritage 1973 has good wrist presence at 40mm in diameter;  the cushion style case takes care of that.  Making this a true modern throwback are the dial, finishes, and movement.  Offered in a couple of dial variations, silver and black, subdial finishes differ as well as accents.  The case finishing is both matte and shiny for a more modern look as well.  Under the dial lies an ETA based column-wheel chronograph with exhibition case-back to complete this timepieces’ modernization.  A high quality movement is just an added bonus from yet another brand under The Swatch Group umbrella.
Longines has joined the ranks of the remake watch culture with this 1973 tribute chronograph.  With its detailed finishes and movement, The Heritage 1973 chronograph is all new on the inside but stays true to form on the out.  With a Swatch Group boost, this new release has achieved both exceptional style and value all priced at a very reasonable $3,250.

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