Luis Nico Morales Helps Emerging Designers Reach Their Audience Through The Ensign

For this week’s Worn Out Wednesday, we hear from Luis Nico Morales, founder of The Ensign, the one-stop-shop for all things menswear. Morales gives us the scoop on his background, career, and personal style. 

I’m a California boy through and through. I grew up in Southern California, and attended college in Northern California. I spent my twenties in San Francisco and Los Angeles pursuing various creative endeavors and being in the center of cultural movements. I studied cinema, wrote scripts and plays, DJ’d parties and events, and started a band all in my twenties. At that time, my focus was mainly on pursuing my passions, which also happened to include working in fashion for a few brands in LA.

In 2010, I decided to shift focus and relocated to New York to hone in on my career and future. After six years working on menswear at Ralph Lauren, my business partner Jason Wagg and I began to lay the initial foundation for THE ENSIGN. Initially, we were focused on starting a modern menswear brand, but quickly realized there wasn’t really a platform that focused specifically on US emerging menswear designers or luxury products made in the US. We realized there was a gap in the market and that there was an opportunity to target guys who were interested in investing in the narrative and success of emerging designers and innovative product.

Luis Niko-Morales

As far as my own person style is concerned, being a retailer really helps with keeping the closet full. Here are a few of my favorites.

Jeans: I am partial to AGOLDE jeans, particularly from the new ASAP Ferg collaboration. The fits, fabrics, and washes are just premium. Plus we’re just fans of Jerome Dahan in general, both as a businessman and designer. The man knows denim.

Shirts: I’m still an absolute sucker for Thom Browne button ups. They have already reached iconic status, and a truly luxury item made in the US.

Pants: I absolutely love Garciavelez Nomad Pants. They have all the elements of a trouser but the cuff bottoms give it a slight edge.

Suits: I’m not really a suit guy anymore, but I’ve got a lot of love for David Hart suits. The fit is modern, colors and patterns are bold, and they are designed and produced in the US.

Shoes: Definitely the New Balance 1978 editions. They are great for either a casual or a dressier look (with our Nomad pants).

Accessories: Title of Work is a new favorite of mine for men’s accessories. They create beautiful and inventive ties, rings, necklaces, etc in their studio in New York. The tie adorned in emerald beetle wings is worth the price of admission alone.

Outerwear: Deveaux New York has been making some beautiful outerwear as of late. Their jackets are stylish and luxurious. I want all of their leathers and suedes.

Favorite cologne: Tobacco by CB I Hate Perfume. The fragrances are designed by award-winning olfactory artist, Christopher Brosius and available at his gallery/store in Brooklyn.

Favorite app: Headspace for a bit of a break from the daily demands. For work, Slack, more out of necessity than anything.

Favorite piece of technology: It’s still my iPhone, but hey at least it’s an iPhone 7.

Next style/gear purchase: A Leather Flight Jacket from Deveaux New York. This thing gives me the mouth drool emoji effect.

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