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Green is the New Black

Sustainability. It’s a hot trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down. But for travelers, it’s sometimes daunting. The number of eco-friendly hotels grows every day but finding other eco-friendly products while on vacation can be challenging. Instead of searching for sustainable products, why not bring them with you? At The Manual, we’ve selected a few items no man should be without while on vacation. With the country still in winter’s grip, getting away from it all but still staying true to your eco-friendly soul isn’t a herculean task anymore.

Travel Bags

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Portland, Maine–based Seabags designs handmade totes and duffel bags made of recycled sails. Totes feature nautical themes such as anchors, octopi and ropes but the specialty bag line—from wine bags to duffles to iPad cases and log carriers—is especially noteworthy. We particularly love the Tanbark Duffle ($225), which features a Tanbark sail and six-inch exterior pocket, making it the perfect piece for a weekend jaunt out of town. Seabags can also customize totes, duffles and weekender bags to your specifications.

Chess Sets

Raining on the beach and you’re stuck inside? Get your game on with a handmade chess set ($39.99) from India made of polished soapstone, a metamorphic rock comprised of talc. Soapstone has been used in India for centuries and these chess pieces, made by Jaipur artisan Rakesh Pathak, are a testament to that craftsmanship. The soapstone pieces sit on a soapstone chess board but are nestled in a wooden box when not in use, making packing and unpacking a breeze.


On a warm summer night, what is more refreshing than lying in a hammock, staring at the stars? Australian designer Adam Cornish crafted a hammock (price upon request) out of plantation-grown plywood—rather than the more common cotton or canvas—and ensured its flexibility by using rubber veterbra between wooden rows. The hammock resembles a bug, wafting in the breeze but its sleek design using sustainable materials ensure it will live longer than any pesky bug.

Grooming Products

No list of vacation necessities would be complete without toiletries. While many men forgo shaving daily while on vacation, we still need to be well groomed. Enter Bulldog grooming products. The British-based company was created by men for men. While many men’s grooming products are filled with synthetic dyes, perfumes and parabens, Bulldog lists every ingredient. And they are all natural. From after shave balms to moisturizers to shower gels and shaving creams, Bulldog has you covered. But not in unnecessary chemicals.

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From face masks to hand sanitizer to Tyvek biohazard bodysuits, the health-conscious among us are carrying more daily essentials now than ever. If you’re ready to graduate beyond a baseball-sized wallet and cargo shorts for your everyday carry (EDC), it’s time to invest in a compact carryall. Don't worry if you still have hang-ups about carrying a “murse” or an 80s-era fanny pack. We’ve graduated to fancier “slings” and “crossbody bags” now. Here are our favorite minimalist bags to wrangle your pandemic-related EDC in this time of corona.
Nomatic Navigator Sling 6L

We dig everything about Nomatic’s design ethos, where a great deal of thought goes into keeping things simple. From slings to messenger bags to backpacks, every one of the brand’s bags is made to pack only what you need and nothing you don’t. The new Navigator Sling 6L is perfect for your EDC, especially in the time of coronavirus. The main compartment features four pockets, including an RFID-safe one for stowing your passport and credit cards. Around back, an additional pocket is large enough for an 11-inch tablet, and a water bottle pocket stows away when not in use.

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West Skincare Is the Best New Grooming Product Line for Active Guys
West Skincare

The formula behind West Skincare is a simple one: Active pursuits for today’s modern gentleman mean that he needs skincare that promotes active recovery, preferably fueled by active ingredients. And to founder Matthew Ankeny, it also comes down to what he calls a “fewer, better products approach.” 

Whereas taking a spin down the aisle at your local drugstore can yield some less-than-optimal results in terms of quality, West Skincare is different -- and we think you’ll see different end results, too. The West Skincare lineup is simple, straightforward and to-the-point, but certainly not in a bad way. Named after the beauty and diversity of the Western United States (Ankeny has lived in San Francisco and Seattle, among other locales), West Skincare is a fitting brand for those who pursue outdoor adventure, as well as those who simply want to amp up their skincare routine. 

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5 Best Weekender Bags for Men to Take on Their Next Getaway
best mens weekend bags weekender backs july 19

Packing for a trip -- any trip, big or small, stressful or relaxing -- is about to get a whole lot simpler. The weekender bag is perhaps the most underrated piece of luggage a man can own. It’s easier to haul around than wheeling a rolling suitcase, most of them fit with ease inside an overhead compartment, and, what’s more, the best weekender bags offer style that’s a bit more casual, rugged, and laid-back. In short, one of the bags described below could just be the most essential piece of luggage you own, particularly if you favor weekend jaunts versus business trips (and who doesn’t?). The next time you pack up, make sure you’re doing so with nothing but one of the best weekender bags on the market.
Bradley Mountain Waxed Canvas Weekender Bag

There’s perhaps no more fitting name for a weekender bag than the Rambler, right? The sort of name that captures the rugged spirit of adventure (and functionality) that you should seek to harness regardless of the season, correct? Yes, indeed. We love the handsome leather accents and tough charcoal water-resistant waxed canvas.

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