Edwin AW14: No-nonsense Clothing for the Street to the Slopes

We can hardly believe its time for all our favorite brands to show us what they got for AW 2014- has 2013 been the quickest year yet? Nevertheless, here’s one of the standout collections from Japanese denim brand Edwin.

The best way to ‘feel’ the collection is to watch the awesome accompanying film created by Jonny Kight and Benjamin Robinson. The film was shot in the Les Vosges Mountains in North East France where, at times, the temperature dropped to a ball-shrinking -15ºC. A testament to guy time and good, sturdy, no-nonsense clothes, the film features Edwin’s FURTHER crew larking about on 70s trial bikes.

For those out of the know, the FURTHER crew are a motley of acquaintances known by the brand that have been gathered and sent on several road trips by now. Essentially, as described by Benjamin Robinson, Edwin’s Art Director and the director of the FURTHER films, the film is ‘a roadtrip where everyone was wearing Edwin’. This has become a tried and tested formula for the brand to establish the hardwearing, grease-stained potential of their clothing- and one that we really love.

The pieces within the collection retain that lovable sturdy, pulled-on from off the bedroom floor appeal. As the crew wades through the knee-deep snow it’s encouraging to see the new steely-washed indigo denim being dragged through the icy wet without any wincing. Throughout the collection, the color palette is casual and understated; shades of cognac, leather black and a spectrum of grey-tinged blues feel welcome and utterly wearable. Photographic mountain prints on t-shirts and flannel and Fair Isle jacquard on shirting are classical and intrinsically winter.

All in all, Edwin have got us in the mood for a little winter bromance, 70s trial bikes and all.