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Comeback Coats: The Return of the Starter Jacket

For every child of the 80s and 90s—especially those who were sports fans—the Starter Jacket was an iconic piece of apparel. There are countless images of legendary coaches such as Bill Parcells, rappers such as the members of NWA, and even Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the movie Coming to America, all wearing the Starter Jacket of a different sports team.

Production of the Starter Jacket stopped in the mid-90s, but now, after nearly two decades away, they are back. The G-III Apparel Group is teaming with the NFL, NBA and NCAA to revive one of the signature pieces of American outerwear in the past thirty years. “We look forward to honoring the brand’s sports heritage and fashion tradition,” said G-III Sports President (and legendary former NY Giants linebacker) Carl Banks, “while also reaching a new generation.”

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During their heyday, due to their price, Starter Jackets were a status symbol and a sign that you were at the cutting edge of popular culture. And Banks and G-III are hoping that will be the case with this current incarnation of the brand as well. Starting this fall, the first line of limited-edition jackets will be available for $150. As Banks has explained, G-III wants to price their jacket above a standard piece of outerwear ($100-$125) so that “consumers will have to decide if it’s worth it to them.” This kind of exclusivity, mixed with the Starter brand’s built-in nostalgia value, is a surefire way to helping the Starter Jacket gain the same kind of cultural significance it once had.

This fall, whether you are looking to reclaim a part of your own childhood or simply introduce your son, nephew or younger cousin to a classic piece of American apparel, the revitalized, satin Starter Jacket should be on your shopping list.

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