Cloak & Dapper – A New Kind of General Store

What could be better than a) killer clothes b) great grooming products c) needed provisions d) made in America or e) all of the above? Well that is Cloak & Dapper. Founded in March 2013 by Calvin Cearly, who states “It’s a gentlemen’s general store, for the modern age, for modern man.”

One stop shopping at the general store, was something that made life, less complicated , more curated , and generally, easier. With business partners, Orlando restaurateur and branding wiz, Kaleb Harrell, and NBA forward, Ryan Anderson, of the newly named, New Orleans Pelicans, the bearded trio, have hit on something resonating with men across the U.S.

With product ranging from jeans to Henley’s, beard oil to hand-made soap, and boots to barware, this is a destination for the guy that, not only needs everything, but wants everything, well, the right everything.

Calvin discussed some of this view points with The Manual:

Why Made in USA so key to your brand’s DNA?

There’s a resurgence in American manufacturing. The new Apple G5 tower is made in the USA. In addition to helping feed jobs for our country, there are just so many excellent artisan craftsmen producing stellar, stellar goods that, in addition to being high quality and made with love and passion, they’re a true representation of connecting rugged Americana to the modern, sleek, ergonomic male.

What can you tell us about the Cloak & Dapper guy?

There is a movement, of sorts, of men building their collection, or basically equipping their future selves – the men they aspire to be. They go one piece at a time. This month, the shoes, next paycheck, the jeans, etc. We are their general store resource. We appeal to them. If you’re a guy and don’t think you really identify with that description, Cloak & Dapper hopes to be a resource to educate, inspire and outfit your future self.

So no matter where in the U.S. you live, this new genre of the general store, is just a click away.