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A Chat About FW14 with CWST

California-based menswear brand CWST is all about super wearable low-key luxury. Founders Joe Sadler and Derek Buse take a refreshingly natural approach to design. The pair are advocates of essential clothing, always avoiding superfluous detail that may deter the modern man. We caught up with the guys to talk holiday plans and winter dressing in Southern California.

What inspired the FW14 collection?

DB- The collection was a derived from the idea of casual sophistication. Obviously the words are contradictory but we try to create relaxed California aesthetics while adding detail and fabrications that take each piece up a notch.

What’s the best thing about dressing for winter?

DB- Dressing for winter in Southern California is dramatically different than dressing for winter in other parts of the country. Here it’s all about layers. Mornings can be chilly but by the early afternoon, I find myself stripping back layers until I’m in a Tee. After work the temperature drops again, so the layers get stacked back on.

Each piece in the collection is super wearable. How did you ensure the collection would be really easy to wear?

JS – We don’t over think anything. It either works or it doesn’t, and you can usually tell within seconds of the first proto. Nothing is forced. We aim to design timeless pieces with a bit of relevant edge. Designs that guys get emotionally attached to and never throw out.

DB- It’s easy to get carried away and start over designing. We always ask ourselves if we are giving guys a “reason to buy” or a “reason to say no” when adding detail to garments. Most guys aren’t risk takers so it’s important to make sure we are offering wearable items.

I love all the blue tones in the collection. What inspired all those hues?

DB- Having a deep blue in the collection helps give it a feeling of “icy cold”. It’s a really important colour aesthetically but also critical as every guy can wear blue!

JS- If there were a silver lining to the smog cloud of LA it’d be the chalky blue sky tones that we see in periods of draught. Our Silver Lake studio has a beautiful view over Hollywood. It’s a constant inspiration.

How would you define the CWST brand?

DB- CWST is a menswear brand that designs product with a distinctive twist on West Coast sophistication.

JS- Low-key luxury. Smart and refined, but relaxed and wearable.

Do you have any exciting plans for the holidays?

DB- Nothing too exciting planned this year. I’ll spend Christmas with my Family in Seattle, and hope Santa brings me that Red Rider BB Gun…

JS- I’m working on a record with a few buddies, so we’ll use the time off to get in the studio and press record. Finally!

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