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The 6 best luxury umbrellas from Burberry and more in 2024

Man in trenchcoat carrying a cain
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If you want one of the best umbrellas in terms of protection and also looks, you need the best luxury umbrellas from some high-end designer labels. We’ve tracked down the best luxury umbrellas you can buy today including those from major names like Burberry, Davek, and Alexander McQueen’s iconic skull-handle umbrellas.

Whatever you purchase is a valuable investment, being the kind of umbrella you can pass down through the family or simply use for a long time to come yourself. Each has a timeless style that’s truly going to stand out, all while keeping you safe and dry from adverse weather conditions. Here are the best luxury umbrellas.

The best luxury umbrellas for men in 2024

  • Buy the for timeless style
  • Buy the for a classic umbrella
  • Buy the for a great wooden umbrella
  • Buy the for a splash of color
  • Buy the for an iconic design
  • Buy the for a cool skull-handle

Burberry Check Umbrella

The best timeless umbrella

The Burberry Check Umbrella on a white background.
Pros Cons
Iconic pattern Style won’t suit everyone
Robust frame

If you adore the instant brand recognition that comes from all things Burberry, you’ll love the Burberry Check Umbrella. It’s the kind of style that instantly stands out from the crowd, particularly over the many black umbrellas around.

The walking umbrella has a smooth wooden handle with a press-stuff closure and a cover that coordinates with the rest of the umbrella. Its frame is 50% fiberglass and 50% steel so it’s built to last, while the handle itself is 100% black walnut wood.

Davek Elite

Best classic umbrella

The Davek Elite on a white background.
Pros Cons
Classic look Doesn’t stand out
Wind-tension frame system

For a subtle umbrella that’s robust while looking classically stylish, try the Davek Elite. It’s the company’s take on the classic cane umbrella and is made from the best material including a top-grain leather handle, along with 210-thread count fabric within the waterfall dome-shaped canopy.

The Davek Elite’s canopy is a spacious 50-inch arc-diameter canopy with a flexible wind-tension frame system that resists inversion in strong winds. The shaft is made of high-grade fiberglass for better stability so this is an umbrella built to last as well as look good.

Davek Savile

Best wooden umbrella

The Davek Savile on a white background.
Pros Cons
Handmade using artisan techniques No extra tech for withstanding bad weather
Heirloom umbrella

The Davek Savile is for those of us who love traditional style and craftsmanship. It’s handmade using a traditional artisan technique. Its shaft and handle are hand-carved from a solid, continuous piece of natural chestnut wood, imported from Italy. That means that no two Davek Saviles are the same so you’re buying a unique umbrella.

The frame is made of tempered steel while the canopy is formed from hand-cut, 250-thread count microweave fabric. It’s designed to last while being a gorgeous heirloom to pass down the family over the years.

Pierre Vaux Modern Shepherd

Best colorful umbrella

THe Pierre Vaux Modern Shepherd on a white background.
Pierre Vaux
Pros Cons
Gorgeously colorful Relatively simple design
100% cotton fabric

The Pierre Vaux Modern Shepherd adds a great touch of color compared to many others here. Its multicolored style looks gorgeous and stands out from the crowd. The material used is 100% cotton fabrics so it’s built to last.

There are also 10 ribs and a wooden shaft which means the Pierre Vaux Modern Shepherd will withstand a lot. It also has a curved handle which adds a touch of class to the experience. It’s far more eye-catching than most while still offering the elegant style you’d expect from others here.

Fornasetti Classic Umbrella Soli a Ventaglio

Best iconic design

The Fornasetti Classic Umbrella Soli a Ventaglio on a white background.
Pros Cons
No two umbrellas the same Look won’t suit everyone
Elegant design

The Fornasetti Classic Umbrella Soli a Ventaglio is a great mix of style and functionality. Its canopy is gorgeous with a stylish black and white design with patterns and faces on it. The umbrella has a stained, beechwood handle which is handcrafted in Milan. There’s also an oval plaque which is diamond-point engraved while there are brass details and a manual opening.

It all comes together to make a classic look with a hint of modernity thanks to the pattern on the canopy. No two umbrellas are the same due to the artisan craftsmanship so you’re gaining something truly unique here.

Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella

Best umbrella handle

The Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella on a white background.
Alexander McQueen
Pros Cons
Iconic skull handle Won’t suit every aesthetic
Classic finish

The Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella truly stands out thanks to that handle. It has a skull handle with a gold finish so it’s truly going to grab attention from everyone. It feels cool to hold onto as well and will suit some grips better than the traditional umbrella handle shape.

Made in Italy, everything about the Alexander McQueen Skull Umbrella oozes the class you would expect from Alexander McQueen products being both subtle yet standing out from the crowd thanks to that handle.

How we chose these luxury umbrellas

Picking a luxury umbrella is an important decision that you want to get right. We’ve considered our choices by thinking about certain criteria. Here’s how we decided and what you should consider too.

Think about your style

If you need an umbrella to take to the office and for other professional settings, a classic black umbrella is likely to be the best choice. However, if you work in a creative industry or you need one for your downtime, consider something that’s more vibrant and appropriate for your aesthetic.

Don’t forget the handle

What kind of handle do you like to grip onto? A skull handle looks cool but might not suit certain accessibility needs, or you might simply feel more comfortable with something curved. It’s the main part you’ll be interacting with so have a good think about what works for you.

How long are you using it for?

Looking for an umbrella to last a lifetime? Looking for one that lasts future generations’ lifetimes? Different umbrellas will last different lengths of time with some almost made with an heirloom future in mind. If you like to change up your style, go for it and buy something less timeless, but do bear in mind what your intentions are.

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