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Armitron’s Blueprint watches are beautifully crafted and make excellent holiday gifts

Armistron Blueprint watches iridescent style with neon background.

This content was produced in partnership with Armitron.

Exceptionally crafted watches, with more of a classic look and feel, are harder to come by these days than you might think. But every once in a while we find a great selection that we can’t pass up sharing. In light of the holiday shopping season, we wanted to highlight a new range of options that fit the bill — they look stunning. Armitron’s Blueprint collection features brilliantly dazzling precision timekeeping pieces, all within a see-through top that allows you to peer at its inner workings. They’re also powered by automatic movement, thanks to a self-winding mechanism that operates without a battery and utilizes kinetic energy. Honestly, you have to see the masterful craftsmanship for yourself. We’ll take a closer look at some of the Blueprint timepieces and their features below, and you can save 10% right now when you sign up for Armitron’s email or SMS updates.

One thing you’ll notice about the collection, at least right away, is that there are many different combinations and styles, enough to match your personality and interests. There are Blueprint models in all gold, dark black or gunmetal, silver, and even iridescent. Moreover, the bands are either stainless links or leather, so you can certainly find what you want. They’re all beautifully crafted, of course, with see-through designs that show off the intricate engineering inside.

Armitron Blueprint watch with black leather band.

The automatic movement and self-winding mechanism mean they don’t need a battery or replacements, and they’ll continue to use kinetic energy to keep the time — using your natural arm movements to generate energy. All watches through Armitron include a lifetime limited warranty as well, which offers peace of mind. It also means you won’t be afraid to wear them, which is the whole point. You will want to wear these awesome pieces anywhere and everywhere.

A great example of the brand’s craftsmanship can be seen in the delightfully understated design of the . The band material is black leather, which complements the stainless steel silver bezel and case. It also has a water-resistance rating of 165 feet, or 50 meters, which is true of the other Blueprint models.

Perhaps the most exciting part about Armitron’s timepieces is that they won’t break the bank or empty your wallet, and that’s at their regular prices. You can get an even better deal by signing up for the brand’s email and SMS updates, which will net you 10% off a purchase. Plus, because they’re already priced reasonably, they make excellent holiday gifts for friends and family. Who doesn’t like an attractive new wristwatch, let alone one that’s totally unique?

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