Gadget Lovers Can Have It All With Alphyn Industries’ High Tech Menswear

Technology has made monumental changes in the way we live, and it’s starting to impact the way we dress. For evidence, look no further than San Francisco-based Alphyn Industries.

Alphyn Industries produces a line of functional garments that straddles the line between wearable tech and Savile Row tailoring. Crafted from military-grade materials, Alphyn Industries designs mens jackets, shirts, pants and accessories that integrate your iDevices such as iPhones and iPads right into their design. While you walk or drive there’s no fumbling around in your pockets to reach you phone. Instead devices fit into specially-designed, ergonomic pouches that match the natural contours of the body.

The Alphyn Industries RGEN V1 long sleeve v neck is made of super soft blended cotton and silver-coated nylon fibers meant to kill the bacteria in sweat (and protect the wearer from harmful electromagnetic radiation). Did we mention they look great, too? While the v neck will set you back $130, it’s nothing compared to the cost of replacing a phone left at the gym, in a bar or on the seat of a taxi. Alphyn’s PADX-1 Ledge Wearcom jacket features a koala-like belly pouch that gives you easy, hands free access to your iPad, and has special straps that distribute the device’s weight across your shoulders and upper body.

Alphyn Industries clothes are all about safety, says co-founder and CEO Ben Raviv. His products are meant to increase the user’s spacial awareness and protect devices from getting damaged or dirty while in use.

Speaking by phone from this year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas Raviv said he hopes Alphyn Industries clothes become a platform for the development of lifestyle apps that enable people to use their devices for important functions while their hands are greasy or dirty. Beyond its line of functional, fashionable threads, Raviv says Alphyn Industries is expanding into professional products to serve the needs of healthcare and utilities workers who are increasingly dependent on iPads but need to keep their hands free while performing essential tasks.

Don’t be jealous ladies, at this year’s CES the company debuted the Valencia jeggings, a pair of stretch denim pants that is its first product for women.