Chicago’s Newest Luxury Destination for Men: Zaharoff

a new store in town chicago zaharoff exterior

Adding to the amazingly rich and varied tradition of men’s stores in Chicago is Zaharoff.  Located on Oak Street, a powerful street with the finest specialty boutiques, is the flagship location for the brand.  Internationally renowned architect, Jordan Mozer, helped to transform the 6,000 square foot space to realize Zaharoff’s vision for a warm and inviting atmosphere complementing the unique lifestyle retail destination.

“The Zaharoff store is taking the men’s luxury clothing experience to a level not seen in a long time,” says George Zaharoff. “Retail is on the street level, and my atelier upstairs is connected by a grand staircase. We wanted to take the heritage and creative intimacy of the old European fashion houses—think Chanel and Dior —and combine that experience with the reach made possible through modern-day social media. 110 East Oak Street will be the heart of the House of Zaharoff.”

The new store showcases Zaharoff’s modern American lifestyle collection, including items exclusive to the East Oak Street location. Luxury tailored suits, sport jackets, trousers and shirts will be the main focus, with furnishings such as neckwear, wallets, and cufflinks.

George has selected a small group of very special manufacturers, makers and artisans to work together—the result of a decade or so of his traveling the far corners of the world. Zaharoff silks, which he designs from scratch and use for neckwear, are made by the only silk manufacturer left in England. They use beautiful fabrics from very special mills, from Florence to Cape Town, the Northern region of England, to the Gobi Desert. Their suits are made in a state-of-the-art factory outside Boston. It is in one of the only remaining factories left in the world, let alone the US, that make luxury suiting. The luxury tailored clothing and accessories carrying the Zaharoff label are made working with the finest manufactures in the world. But don’t worry, the store isn’t precious, George makes sure every customer feels relaxed and welcome. A true gentleman’s retreat.