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Weed is now legal in Thailand: Here’s what you need to know

Is weed legal in Thailand? Yes! Here's what you need to know

Over the course of the past several decades, many have traveled to the sunny, laid-back climes of Thailand and thought all this place is missing is weed—myself included. For the sake of accuracy, weed always has been available there, but it has notoriously been accompanied by stiff penalties for those caught selling or enjoying it. And Thai prison is an infamously terrible place to end up. Marijuana laws around the world have been loosening up recently, however, leaving many to wonder—would Thailand legalize weed?

Then in 2022, a change finally came. I didn’t realize it until I was walking down the street in Chiang Mai and passed a shop that had the weed version of the Bat Signal: a glowing neon pot leaf. I stopped short. Wait—Is weed legal in Thailand?, I wondered aloud. And happily, yes, it is. To that end, here’s what you need to know.

Weed in thailand.

Weed in Thailand: a welcome change

The good news is that weed is legal in Thailand. More uncertain are the specific regulations surrounding it. While it’s widely available and enjoyed, having been decriminalized (with some caveats) last summer, the government is still ironing out a few of the details, per the New York Times. Here’s what we know at this point.

Anyone older than 20 (who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding) can smoke legally. Smoking it in public places like schools, temples, or malls can result in a 25,000 baht (roughly $750) fine and a three-month stint in the slammer, but while it’s theoretically advised that you smoke indoors in a residence, it’s pretty common to see—and smell—it smoked in the streets. (Still, the safest bet is to avoid smoking in public.) You can also eat pot food in licensed restaurants and shops.

Where can you buy weed in Thailand?

There are already thousands of shops all over the country, so you won’t have trouble finding one. Google Maps will point you in the right direction.

How is the weed quality in Thailand?

Generally, the weed quality is pretty good, though it does vary widely. If you buy the lowest-grade stuff, be prepared for a bag of brown shake with little to no oomph. But the highest-grade stuff is solid.

I did notice that THC percentages tend to top out at around 22-24%, so if you’re into the really heady stuff, you might have trouble finding it.

How much does weed cost in Thailand?

The question of cost really depends on that wide-ranging quality, and where you happen to be. In Bangkok, you can get a quarter of the “meh” stuff for as low as 300 baht, or around $10. Top-shelf buds are significantly more expensive, however—often even more than in the US. It’s not uncommon to pay anywhere from 400-800 baht ($12-24) for a gram. I suspect this price will ease down, however, as the Thai market develops.

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