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Sling TV Free Trial: Here’s How to Try Sling TV at a Discount

Free trials are often the best way to check out a streaming service without making a firm commitment. Although it can be difficult to remember to cancel them before you have to pay, trials are also a great way to watch something specific without paying an arm and a leg for a service you don’t think you’ll use regularly. Sling TV, which is a perfect option for cord-cutters who still want some live TV, doesn’t offer a traditional free trial as many other streaming services do. Although it doesn’t offer a free trial, you can get a deep discount on your first month of the service, and there’s also plenty of content available to watch on Sling for free without any need to enter payment information.

Your First Month of Sling TV Can Cost Just $10

Sling tv home screen offering a discount for your first month subscription.
Sling TV

Sign up for Sling TV and get a discount to first-time subscribers. Sling, which usually costs $35/month, costs just $10/month for the first month for new subscribers. That discount is for users who choose one of the service’s two-channel packages. If you want to sign up for both packages, your first month will cost $20, which is down from the $50 it normally costs.

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Whether you choose to sign up for one channel package or both, though, you’ll get at least $25 off your first month of Sling. Because Sling starts at a higher price point, that discount actually saves you more money than a free trial of a service like Netflix or Hulu would. Although it’s not a free trial, users can try Sling at a cheaper rate for a full month, and get a sense of whether they’ll be willing to pay $35/month to use the service regularly.

Sling Also Offers Some Movies and TV Shows Totally Free

Sling Free

Sling TV may not offer a free trial to its full service, but you can get a sense of how it works through the movies and TV shows that it offers for no charge, which are bundled under the name Sling Free. These movies and TV shows aren’t part of a trial. Instead, they’re always free. Sling Free doesn’t even require you to create an account. All you have to do is navigate to the website and start watching content for no charge.

Sling Free does offer you the option of renting movies or purchasing pay-per-view events, and purchasing these services does require you to set up an account. Even after you do that, though, you’ll only be charged for the rentals or events that you pay for, and you won’t be charged for a monthly Sling subscription unless you sign up for one separately.

Sling Free is available on browsers, but you can also watch it on Amazon, Android, or Roku devices by navigating to the app and clicking on “Explore Free Content.” Sling Free is still under construction for Apple products, but the company is promising that it should be ready soon.

This free offering comes with no strings attached, although Sling of course hopes that users who begin using the free service will ultimately decide to pay for a subscription. If you do subscribe, you can always cancel your subscription and revert back to only Sling Free.

Of course, Sling Free’s offerings are far more limited than what paid subscribers have access to through the service. Even so, Sling Free users may find that there are more than enough free movies and TV shows to keep them busy without the need for any paid subscription. Sling Free may not have everything that the average TV watcher is looking for, but it’s hard to beat free.

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