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Is There a Paramount Plus Free Trial in 2022?

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Paramount Plus has steadily been growing since its relaunch in 2021. Previously known as CBS All Access, the service offers plenty of content from Paramount-owned properties. That includes some old favorites like Frasier and it also features a drama based on the filming of The Godfather, The Offer, and much more original content too, like the forthcoming Halo TV series. If you’re looking to try it out for free, read on while we take you through what you need to know.

Does Paramount Plus Have a Free Trial in 2022?

Currently, Paramount Plus offers a seven-day free trial available from two different sources. Users can choose to sign up for the trial via the Paramount Plus website, or they can choose to do so by adding it to their Amazon Prime plan. In the past, Paramount has offered longer free trials with some promo codes offering up to 30 days for free. Alternatively, Paramount Plus recently celebrated its first birthday by offering a month’s trial for just $1 which — while it isn’t free — works out as considerable value. It’s worth checking around to see if any longer free trials are available through various other sources. Besides promo codes, some companies offer a Paramount Plus subscription alongside their existing service. For instance, T-Mobile and Sprint customers get a year’s worth of the Paramount Plus ad-supported Essential plan included with their postpaid wireless and home internet plan. It’s worth checking to see if you are eligible.

If you sign up for the Paramount Plus free trial, you are able to choose to either sign up for the Essential plan which is ad-supported and does not support 4K streaming, or you can sign up to the Premium plan which is commercial-free and allows you to download shows to watch offline (while your subscription is active) and watch 4K content. It makes sense to sign up for the Premium plan if you’re simply trying things out for seven days.

Paramount Plus also offers some free content as a form of a free trial for the service. On the Paramount Plus website, it’s possible to ‘try for free’ some shows. These are typically the first episodes of a show or new season. Content includes Behind the Music with Ricky Martin, iCarly, The Stand, The Good Fight, and Star Trek Picard so there’s something for everyone’s taste here. While you only get to see one episode for free, it works well as a taster session so you know if you’re likely to want to commit to a full month or more of Paramount Plus. There’s nothing stopping you from watching an episode for free then switching to the free trial to get the most out of it either.

How Long is the Paramount Plus Free Trial?

Currently, the Paramount Plus free trial is seven days long. That’s if you go directly through the Paramount Plus site or via your Amazon Prime account. The only real difference is that if you go through Amazon, you will be billed through your Amazon account rather than through the payment details you offer Paramount. At times, it is possible to enjoy a longer free trial for Paramount Plus. Some users have found promo codes across the internet to enjoy up to 30 days of Paramount Plus entirely for free. That’s not guaranteed though and we expect the likelihood of such codes to decrease the more established and popular the service becomes.

While it’s possible to hold out and wait for a longer period of time to enjoy Paramount Plus for free, the opposite could also occur. Most streaming services are keen to offer substantial free trials early on in their lifespan, but such trials frequently drop off the longer the service is around. As content grows, companies are less likely to want to offer some of their best shows and movies entirely for free, even for a brief amount of time. If you’re keen to sign up to Paramount Plus, do so sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on any free trials ending prematurely.

The Paramount Plus free trial applies whether you choose to sign up for the Essential or Premium plan. Both plans offer the same content libraries but there are some key differences. Essential includes ads amongst its content and is only viewable in HD. Alternatively, Premium is the ad-free option and you are able to watch shows and movies in 4K where available. Also, it’s possible to download content to view offline but this only lasts for as long as your membership does.

How to Sign Up for the Paramount Plus Free Trial

Signing up for Paramount Plus is very simple to do. Like with pretty much all other services online, it only takes a minute or two to get started. All you need to do is head to and click Try It Now to start the process. If you live in a country where Paramount Plus is not currently available, your only option here will be to enter your email address to be informed when it begins in your location. Assuming Paramount Plus is available where you live, you simply need to choose either the Essential or Premium plan. We recommend signing up for the Premium plan if you want to solely try out Paramount Plus for seven days, as you can enjoy it ad-free and with 4K support where available. However, if you want to extend your subscription, you may wish to stick with the cheaper Essential plan.

Once you have decided on a plan, you just need to enter your personal information along with your payment method. Paramount Plus accepts all major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa. If you choose to sign up via an app such as on iTunes or Google Play store, you will pay automatically via the method connected to that account. If you choose to sign up via Amazon Prime, look up Paramount Plus on the site then click Start your free trial. Sign in to your Amazon account then choose which plan you want to use with the same choices as before. Payment after the seven days will be taken from the payment method attached to your Amazon account.

In all cases, once you have signed up for Paramount Plus, you probably want to install the Paramount Plus app. While you can choose to use it solely through your web browser, it’s much easier to install the app on your smart TV, streaming device, or console, so that you can easily control the action rather than need to view it on your laptop or PC. In some cases, you may also wish to set up parental controls to limit prying eyes from watching mature content. Do this by going to your account pages scrolling down to Parental Controls, and toggling them on. Once there, you can create a 4-digit PIN so that others can’t interfere with the settings. Going forward, any time a member of your household tries to watch age-rated material, they will need to enter the PIN to do so. Currently, Samsung and Vizio smart TVs as well as older Apple TVs do not support the facility, so you may need to use a dedicated device to protect content.

One final consideration is accessibility options. You can set these up by clicking or tapping the speech bubble icon that is displayed when something first plays. From there, you can click on Subtitles or look under Audio to add audio descriptions. It’s an effective way of ensuring the whole family can enjoy shows without missing out on the action.

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