Osprey Xenith Backpacks

For the longest time, backpack manufacturers were all about minimalism. The development of advanced new materials led to a push toward gear that was smaller, lighter, and simpler. Less gear to lug around meant hikers could go further in a day, so designers focused on slimmer packs.

But it seems that the once dominant ultralight ethos is on the decline. Heavyloaders are making a comeback these days, which is great news for those of us who don’t mind packing along a couple extra pounds to make the journey more enjoyable. I don’t know about you, but I’ll trade a couple extra miles for a bottle of whiskey any day. Some things are just important.

Osprey’s Xenith packs are built for people who prefer to head out into the wild with more than just a tarp, a pair of sneakers, and a couple cliff bars. The optimal weight range for these badboys between 40 and 70 pounds, so they’re extremely versatile, and ideal for anything from a week-long excursion to a quick two-night trek.  Each of the packs (which come in 75, 88, or 105 liter sizes) is hydration compatible, and comes with a removable top compartment that can be left behind on shorter trips.

As you’d expect from one of the world’s best backpack manufacturers, every pack in Osprey’s Xenith line fits like a dream. They’ve got a rigid internal frame that keeps your gear from poking you in the back, and every strap is adjustable to a minute deree; making it extremely easy to dial in a perfect fit. If your summer plans are filled with any kind of backcountry exploration, you’ll definitely want one of these on your back. Head over to Osprey’s site to get more details on specs.

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