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NeverWet: The $20 Superhydrophobic Spray-on Waterproofer

Waterproof clothing is the rare and elusive unicorn of men’s fashion. Here at The Manual, we know from experience that finding stuff that’s both fashionable and rain-ready is damn near impossible, and as such, we spend countless hours seeking out gear and garb that fits into both categories. It’s not easy to track down, but every so often we come across something like Aether, Proof, or Otter Wax, and it helps us sleep at night knowing we’ve helped somebody stay dry.

We’ve discovered a handful of great waterproof (or at least water resistant) brands in all our years in the fashion industry, but never before have we encountered something like NeverWet. This stuff is incredible. It’s a simple two-part spray-on coating that can be used on virtually any surface – be it wood, metal, plastic, or fabric. Once applied to something, water will literally shoot off the treated surface.

When we first saw what Neverwet can do, we were most excited by the prospect of using it on our wardrobe. Can you imagine how glorious it would feel to recklessly devour a plate of spaghetti while wearing your favorite white pants? Or how free and fearless you could feel as you stroll around under dark grey clouds in nothing but a cotton hoodie? The possibilities are endless, and at just 20 bucks, it’s hard to resist the urge to coat your entire living room with this stuff and invite over all your friends for a food fight

But obviously, it’s got more uses than just waterproofing fabrics. In one demonstration video, NeverWet’s creators fashion a makeshift cooler by spraying down the inside of a cardboard box and filling it with ice. Since the water melting off can’t make it through the superhydrophobic barrier, the cardboard never gets soggy and the cooler stays intact. With so many handy uses, this stuff is bound to be the next duct tape.

We have yet to try it out ourselves, so we’re not sure how it holds up after being through the washing machine (how do you wash something that’s impervious to water?), or how well fabrics breathe with this stuff on them, but we’ll get back to you soon with details.

NeverWet is currently available at HomeDepot stores across the country.

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