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Walmart Nerf Sale: Up to 50% OFF Blasters, with Christmas Delivery


It’s the time of year to unleash your inner child, and Nerf, perhaps the greatest toy concept of all time, is just the gift to do it with. Walmart is having a massive holiday sale on Nerf guns right now, with prices starting at $7, and discounts of up to 50% off being offered all the way up the Nerf gun lineup. Each Nerf deal you’ll find here is set to arrive in time for Christmas if you act quickly.

A holiday staple since its introduction in 1969, the Nerf brand makes some of the most fun — and most intense — indoor games around. There’s really no other name when it comes to indoor war games, as Nerf guns are one of the most popular gifts for kids during the holiday season, and they’re a regular at children’s birthday parties as well. The basement walls, playroom windows, and children’s limbs are ultimately safe in a Nerf war, making a Nerf gun a great gift for any child who loves to unleash their imagination.

But there’s no reason gifting a Nerf gun needs to stop at a certain age. As evidenced by various man caves the world over, Nerf guns make the perfect gift for adults looking to unleash their inner child. Nerf battles are encouraged among adults nowadays, and make for action-packed getaways as well. It’s not even unheard of to host a Nerf battle at home, which requires a deep Nerf gun artillery. Platoons can easily be filled out with one’s best buddies, and with, of course, the best Nerf blasters as well.

The legacy of Nerf lives on this holiday season with this Nerf sale at Walmart. Whether for a kid, one’s own inner child, or a bachelor buddy with plenty of room to run and shoot at their place, these Nerf gun deals are the perfect gift to shop. Prices start at $7, and you’ll find discounts all the way up to 50% off on a full range of blasters. Your new Nerf artillery is set to arrive by Christmas if you act quickly, so do so, and carry on the Nerf legacy with your kids or your friends.

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