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Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas You Can Shop at Walmart

Knowing what stocking stuffers to buy your loved ones is often very tricky. Where do you begin? You want something relatively small and often inexpensive but what would fit just right inside a stocking? Fortunately, we’ve come up with some pretty sweet ideas that should suit everyone’s tastes. These include practical but fun gifts like a new holiday-themed face mask and also include tasty treats and much more. Read on while we look through some of the highlights.

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Drink Mix with Marshmallows — $2

Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Drink Mix on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Who can resist a delicious cup of hot cocoa, right? It’s the perfect warming drink to consume during the winter months. In the case of the Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Drink Mix with Marshmallows, it feels suitably charming and holiday-themed thanks to the inclusion of Lucky Charms marshmallows to give you an extra sugar high. Made with real nonfat milk, everything about this hot cocoa drink mix has a timeless quality to it that will send you back to fond memories of your childhood. Alternatively, give it to your child this Christmas and they can enjoy the wonders too.

EcoTools Bamboo Loofah Bath Brush for Body — $6

EcoTools Bamboo Loofah Bath Brush for Body on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The perfect addition to your shower or bath routine, the EcoTools Bamboo Loofah Bath Brush for Body is a dream to use. It has an ergonomic handle for better control while you clean and exfoliate, and its loofah feels great on one’s skin. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone that loves to relax and look after themselves. It even looks pretty stylish plus its unique design makes it easy to focus on hard-to-reach areas such as your back.

Holiday Face Mask — $10

Woman wearing a Holiday Face Mask on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

How about spreading some holiday cheer while keeping your loved ones safe? That’s the thinking behind this charming Holiday Face Mask. There’s a choice of two different designs. One has candy canes and Santa on it on a beige background while the other offers similar imagery on a red background. Whichever you choose, it looks cute and is a ton more fun than the usual plain face masks you’ve probably been wearing all year round. Buy it now to feel a bit more festive or spread some cheer by placing it in a stocking.

Yankee Candle Small Jar Holiday Gift Set — $20, was $30

Yankee Candle Small Jar Holiday Gift Set on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A delightful-smelling candle truly brightens up everyone’s day. Buy your loved one this Yankee Candle Small Jar Holiday Gift Set and they can enjoy the wonders of three different candles throughout the holiday season. Each ties into the seasonal theme. One offers sparkling snow scents with a crisp, naturally fresh scent of gleaming, snow-covered pine, while the red apple wreath offers an aroma of apples, cinnamon, walnuts, and maple, and is sure to make you hungry. Finally, there’s balsam and cedar with its fragrance of balsam, aromatic cedarwood, and a juniper berry blend which gives you the scents of a delightful forest.

Squid Game Netflix Player Bundle — $40

Squid Game Netflix Player Bundle on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your loved one has been hooked on Squid Game, they will love this Squid Game Netflix Player Bundle. It includes all officially licensed merchandise including a beanie, magnet, journal, and a coffee mug. It’s ideal for keeping you warm or expressing how big a fan you are of Squid Game to anyone who comes across you. The magnet is a fun touch for your fridge too.

Basic Blue Walmart Gift Card — $50

Basic Blue Walmart Gift Card on a white background.

If you simply can’t decide what to buy someone, there’s always a Walmart Gift Card. Available in amounts including $20, $25, $50, $75, and right up to $300, you can choose exactly how much you want to treat someone. From there, they can pick out exactly what they want from Walmart, whether that happens to be a hot cocoa mix, Squid Game merchandise, or something entirely different. The gift of choice is always a welcome one after all.

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