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These Are the Best DIY Gift Ideas to Get at Walmart Right Now

What do you get a hands-on crafter or creative as a gift? While many people love to provide store-bought gifts, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, others prefer to gift something from the heart, or rather something born of creativity. Hence, the idea of DIY gifts, or gifts that can be lovingly crafted. Yes, you can always whittle something out of wood, or sew fabric, or build any number of cool, creative things, but you might not have the tools, resources, or space to do so, or maybe the recipient doesn’t? A suitable alternative is to look for DIY gift ideas, or DIY kits, that include all the supplies you need.

With so many Black Friday deals going on, it’s easy to get distracted, not to mention DIY gifts and supplies can sometimes be difficult to find. Knowing that, we put together this resourceful guide that will show you when and where to get some of the best DIY gifts, or at the least, it will offer inspiration for some of the best DIY gift ideas!

Best for Kids – LEGO Dots Kits

LEGO Dots pack with multiple creative ideas for DIY gift ideas.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With a proper collection of LEGO blocks, you can build just about anything. LEGO Dots takes that idea and adds a creative twist. Each kit includes hundreds, or thousands, of colorful square tiles — aptly named Dots. Kids, or adults, can take those pieces and craft art, decorate other LEGO sets, and much more. For example, one set includes bracelet pieces that you can customize. Another includes a jewelry box, or a pencil holder, or even a picture frame. You could also just grab the

LEGO Dots Lots of Dots Kit

, which includes over 1,000 colorful pieces to make whatever you want.

Best for Candle Lovers – CraftBud Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

CraftBud Complete DIY Candle Making Kit for candle lovers.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This comprehensive kit includes everything needed to make 4 high-quality wax candles, and even comes with silicone finger protectors — to make sure you don’t burn or singe your fingertips! Various fragrance oils allow you to make delightfully aromatic candles, as well. It’s the perfect choice for candle lovers or anyone that enjoys working with wax. It’s $37 at Walmart with free shipping, and there’s no need to get anything else, all necessary supplies are included.

Best for Stationery – Cricut Joy Machine

Cricut Joy Machine making labels on counter.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A Cricut, if you’re not familiar, is a cutting and writing machine that allows you to personalize just about anything, with labels, stickers, and beyond. You can use it to cut iron-ons, cardstock, vinyl, paper, and a bevy of other materials. It uses Bluetooth wireless to sync up with devices — iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac — which send the designs to print. Normally $150, it’s on sale right now at Walmart for $129 with free shipping.

Best for Aspiring Jewelers – Jewelry Starter Making Tool Kit

Jewelry Starter Making Tool Kit for creating.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To make beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry you’ll need a set of tools, and other various supplies, which is precisely what this kit from EEEkit offers. It includes 22 tools, 12 different kinds of jewelry, a zippered pouch for storage, and more. The beading pliers allow you to twist and shape the wire. You can always add more beads or jewelry to the mix if you want to get something else! Normally $37, the full kit is $27 at Walmart right now.

Best for Fabrics – 126-Piece Home Stitching and Hand Sewing Kit

126 piece home stitching and hand sewing kit for fabrics.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether the goal is to stitch up some pants, knit a sweater or garment, or just add some intricate designs to blankets or clothes, this full kit includes everything you’d need. From tools to storage for your gear, to various colorful threads and beyond, it’s packed with sewing supplies. It’s also an excellent gift for anyone that loves to sew, or wants to learn. Normally $21, it’s 15 at Walmart right now.

Best for Outdoors – Solar-Powered Light-Up Wind Chime Kit

DIY Light-UP Solar Powered Wind Chime kit for porch or patio.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’ve never put together a wind chime before, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great activity for the whole family. This Dan & Darci kit adds a new spin by introducing light-up and solar-powered elements to the project. With the kit, you can color artwork for the chime, assemble it, and then hang it. The lights are solar-powered, and the entire thing is relatively easy to build. It will look fantastic hanging up on a porch or patio, day or night, too! It’s just $25 at Walmart for the whole kit.

Best for Art – US Art Supply 162-Piece Mega Wood Supply Set

Mega Art Supply Kit with wooden box for artists.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

A true artist should have everything they need to sketch, draw, or create when their muse strikes. This 162-piece mega art set will make sure that happens. It includes sketchbooks, painting paper, colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolor paints, wax crayons, artist brushes, drawing pencils, an eraser, and much more. Not to mention, it’s all packaged neatly inside a suitcase-style wooden case with a handle and locking clasps. The entire set is $70 at Walmart right now.

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