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This Is the Best Memory Foam Mattress on Sale for Cyber Monday

With all due respect, if you’re not sleeping on a multi-layered foam mattress, you’re doing it wrong. A well-made foam mattress contours to your body, reducing pressure on joints; it keeps your spine properly aligned, it helps regulate body heat, and it prevents motion transfer that can disturb a partner. All that can also be summed up a bit more succinctly — it improves your sleep in ways few if any traditional coil spring mattresses can.

On the other hand, if you’re at a loss as to which multi-layer, multi-function foam mattress to choose, what with so many bed-in-a-box brands having sprung up (see what we did there?) in recent years, you’re not alone. One thing all great mattresses have in common is a hefty price tag, except when you shop the best mattress deals on Cyber Monday. And among those that are on sale, several things set Nectar’s memory foam mattress apart, and are worth noting in turn, so let’s go step by step here.

First, a bit of background on Nectar, the company behind the eponymous Nectar Mattress. Founded in NYC and now sold in-person in stores in 49 states and shipping everywhere, this isn’t a company that added foam mattresses to an already-existing product roster, this is a brand that was founded with making a mattress in mind. At one point, the firm was the fastest growing e-commerce company in America, and its mattresses have gotten top reviews from major rating outlets multiple times.

The brand knows sleep hardware, in a nutshell. Now to the Nectar Mattress and why we’re recommending it as a best Cyber Monday mattress deal pick, and that decision goes beyond the approximate $400 savings off the queen sized mattress, not to mention the accessories tossed in, which include a cooling pillow, a sheet set, and a mattress protector.

Let’s start at the bottom, which in this case is a durable mattress cover shaped like a tray into which the other layers of the mattress rest. The bottom cover adds stability and support and prevents the bedding from slipping around, whether it’s on a frame or on the floor.

The next layer up is called the base layer, and it’s the thickest section of the Nectar Mattress. Made from a dense foam, this layer supports everything above it but has enough give to complete the body contouring action of the mattress.

Next up is an “Adaptive Response Transition Layer” which is a firmer foam than most memory foams, so you get support and don’t sink too deeply into the mattress, ensuring proper spinal and joint alignment.

The penultimate layer, working upward, is a breathable and pliant gel memory foam that evenly distributes your weight and adheres to your shape, making the sleeping experience comfortable no matter what that weight and shape may be.

Finally at the top we find a quilted mattress cover featuring thermoregulating Tencel fibers. The cover is soft and inviting and will draw heat away from your body and help you stay cool and comfortable and, most important of all, stay asleep.

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The Nectar Mattress is a standout piece of sleep hardware at a great price made all the better by Cyber Monday mattress sales, but it’s not the only slab of comfort worth your consideration, so don’t feel bad if you want to browse on — you spend 33% of your life asleep, after all, so you deserve great bedding.

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