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Modern by Dwell at Target Makes Good Design Accessible

modern by dwell at target
Have you ever been intimidated by design?

Sure, we want our homes and offices to look nice and reflect our personalities, but actually shopping for furniture and items to decorate our environments can be a bit daunting. Items can be expensive and inaccessible, especially if you’re not living in a major city. Target changed all that with the Modern by Dwell collection, which is in stores now.

Modern by Dwell makes design more accessible and affordable. Who says you have to walk into a high-end design dealer’s space to get a contemporary look that rivals with those you that you see in the pages of design magazines? Now you can simply walk into your closest Target or shop online. The prices are easy on your wallet; furniture ranges from $49.99 to $399.99, and décor, tabletop and accessories run from $16.99 to $99.99.

“We spend a lot of time getting to know our guests, even spending time with them in their own homes,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target. “Many of our guests have told us they want to add a modern aesthetic into their environment, but they want it to be easy and, just as important, affordable. That’s a challenge we were happy to accept. With our friends at Dwell Magazine, we’ve created a line that captures modernism beautifully. The collection is a great complement to our current assortment – it’s stylish, high quality and the prices are great. I know our guests are going to love it.”

“We’ve long admired Target for how they embrace good design and cultivate unique partnerships, so we’re thrilled to work together on introducing this new collection,” said Chris Deam and Nick Dine, Co-Creative Directors of Product Design, Dwell. “With Modern by Dwell Magazine, we’re excited to introduce modern design to more people than ever.”

The fusion of one of design’s top magazines with Target’s stylish accessibility makes so much sense. Now we can find sleek side tables, minimal chairs, graphic rugs and more at a reasonable price point and an approachable retailer.

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