The Manual’s Guide to Tech

Recently we have been posting tips from people in the know on various industries. Today we let tech have it’s turn with Drew Prindle. 

Our thoughts on the subject: 

It’s a fact, men love things. They love cars, gadgets, cufflinks, fishing poles and bike helmets. So we have a category on The Manual dedicated especially to them. Granted, their are copious amounts of products on the market so we have our writers test some and knock others around. Nick Jaynes is our resident car expert and he often will text, “My post may be late, I’m in a Porsche.” This irritates and delights us all at once.

Tips from a Techie:

Drew Prindle is our resident tech nerd. He’s spent most of his life trying to be James Bond, so naturally he’s developed an unhealthy obsession with cutting-edge gadgets, top-shelf liquor, high thread counts, and well-timed puns. When he’s not composing articles for TheManual and our brother site, Digital Trends, Drew prefers to spend his time on the outskirts of Portland, buried in neck-deep powder at Mt. Hood. Here he geeks out on the top five tech items every man should own:

  1. Earbud headphones- Gargantuan over-ear headphones, while preferable in your home or office, are unbecoming when you’re out and about in public. Stick to earbuds if you’re going anywhere – they’re easier to transport and don’t make you look like an angsty teenage punk.
  2. OBD 2 dongle- This is the standardized on-board diagnostics port built into your car’s dashboard. A dongle (in addition to being really fun thing to say) is a little receiver you can plug into this port to extract detailed diagnostic information about your car. It’s the best way to stay on top of mechanical issues. Newer ones can even wirelessly beam the data to your smartphone. Speaking of which…
  3. A Smartphone- It doesn’t matter what kind. So long as you can use it to look up driving directions, quickly find a good restaurant or bar on the fly, and a keep a music playlist for every situation; it makes no difference if you’re rocking a boxy first-gen Droid or the latest Samsung Galaxy whatever. Also, never wear a phone holster – they’re like the fanny packs of the tech world.
  4. Waterproof Speakers- Usually electronics and water don’t mix, but thanks to miracles of modern engineering, they now make Bluetooth speakers that can withstand stuff like water, mud, motor oil, and spilled beer. That means the party won’t stop when your drunk girlfriend accidentally knocks the boombox into the pool – it’ll just get crazier.
  5. Cordless Drill/Driver- Even if you’re not the handyman type and you rarely use power tools,  it’s still a good idea to keep a cordless drill around the house. They’re just so versatile. With the right bits and attachments, a cordless drill can be used not only as a drill/screwdriver, but also as a rotary sander, paint mixer, garden tiller, or even an egg beater if you ever feel like making the manliest omelette.

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