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Collector Pulls Coveted, $3MM Lebron James Card From Pack

Well, we found the answer to how to become an instant millionaire. And what the reaction might be upon finding buried treasure. (Hint: lots of screams.)


On Friday, May 6, an overjoyed collector pulled a LeBron James Triple Logoman Basketball Card from a 2020-2021 Panini Flawless Box during a Whatnot (live shopping app for collectibles and hobbies) live stream. Said to be the most sought-after sports card in the world, the singular card is valued at over $3 million, which will be split (upon sale) amongst three ‘breakers’ on Backyard Breaks.

The Lebron James Triple Logoman card found in a 2020-2021 Panini Flawless Basketball box.
Backyard Breakers

This find also aligned with Whatnot’s announcement earlier in the week. The platform raised the stakes in the hunt for the Triple Logoman by issuing a bounty on the ultra-rare card, offering a 2021 Lamborghini Huracán to anyone who uncovered it… and subsequently selling it via the live stream app.

“We’re thrilled for the entire sports card hobby, especially the Whatnot community, that the chase for the Lebron Triple Logoman concluded on our platform,” Eric Shemtov, head of sports at Whatnot said. “This is what the hobby is all about — finding rare cards that galvanize this passionate community. We’re proud to create an environment where these moments can happen.”

Shemtov isn’t kidding about the passionate part. Hypebeast reported that Drake spent over $200,000 searching for the esteemed collectible. As part of Panini’s 2020-2021 Flawless NBA basketball card collection, each unopened package comes in a premium secure latched box that only contains 10 cards. The price for one of these secure, metal bins starts at $15,000 from Panini and goes up from there. Of course, paying $1,500 per card might be worth it, especially for the chance to multiply that by a few thousand times to become an instant millionaire — if the finder chooses to sell the piece.

The Triple Logoman was one of five in the Flawless set, which comprised only a small part of a sprawling Flawless collection. The Lebron James edition was unique not only because it was the only card to feature one instead of three players, there is only one James Triple Logoman in the world.

Drake’s quixotic quest for the Triple Logoman led him to purchase an incredible 14 boxes from LA Fav cards, which, bought new, would cost a cool $210,000. The pop star, unfortunately, struck out, but on March 16, a Layton Sports Cards breaker pulled the Giannis Antetokounmpo/Kevin Durant/Stephen Curry Triple Logoman card, taking one of the five super-rare variations out of circulation.

Each one of these Triple Logoman inserts is a singular edition and while the value of each isn’t readily available, a 2019 Zion Williamson Logoman found last year in China was appraised for over $500,000.

No one knows when the last three 2020-2021 Logoman cards will be found, but the crown jewel in the minted quintuplet is now in circulation and could be on auction soon.

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